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Which is the best Joomla CRM extension for Joomla website?

In this article, we mention about 4 best Joomla CRM extensions that will help you organize your sales and grow your business quickly and easily. Scroll down to grab the one you like most and add to your site today!

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1. JoomCRM [Paid download]

JoomCRM extension

The first Joomla CRM extension that we would like to recommend using is JoomCRM. This is a great choice for you to organize your sales and increase sales as well as grow your business quickly.

Let’s see some excellent features that it provides:

  • Contacts management
  • Tasks and events with calendar support
  • Joomla update system support
  • Predefined and custom reports
  • Documents management
  • Deals management
  • And more.

2. CiviCRM [Free download]

CiviCRM joomla CRM extension

Meet CiviCRM! This is also an amazing Joomla CRM extension that you should not ignore! It will help you manage your organization’s contacts effectively and build a better connection between your CMS and your constituents. It targeted the non-profit and public sectors. The extension has multiple sub-module that is based on the CRM and extends the data model: CiviContribute, CiviEvent, CiviReport, CiviMember, CiviMail, CiviCase and more.

3. vBizz [Paid download]

vBizz joomla CRM extension

vBizz – one of best Joomla CRM extensions that allow you to manage your business successfully. It gives you a wide choice of CRM Project management, Accounting, Inventory management, Sales & Order management, etc beautifully designed all-in-one software for small and mid-sized businesses.

Main features:

  • One Point communication
  • Leads / Quotes & Invoices
  • Effortless Sales/purchase orders
  • Plan projects with ease
  • Powerful Inventory control
  • Easy Accounting
  • Separate Dashboards for Owner/Employees/Vendors/Clients
  • Smart Graphical Reports
  • Advance notification system
  • Highly Configurable

4. CRMery [Paid download]

CRMery joomla CRM extension

CRMery – a powerful CRM extension for Joomla! with fully features. It allows you to store your own data safely and securely on your own server. With CRMery, you can easily manage all your leads, contacts, companies and deals. It has a full mobile layout, so you can get information on a lead or contact, etc from anywhere.


Hope that this article helps you find the most suitable Joomla CRM extension for your Joomla website! If you find it useful, don’t forget to share the article with your friends! Thanks for reading!

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