50+ Outstanding Free Vector and Mockup Designs in 2022

Introduction These days, mockups are in effect broadly utilized and becoming one of the basic variables in business, business fields, and considerably more. Most mockups and vectors are extraordinarily intended to assist designers with effectively showing their items in a distinctive and practical view. Furthermore, utilizing mockups and vectors bring a lot of tremendous advantages […]

err_ssl_unrecognized_name_alert: What should to do

Why do you meet “err_ssl_unrecognized_name_alert” error on your site? Once you approach your WordPress site. Unluckily if you get the following error “err_ssl_unrecognized_name_alert”, you need to acknowledge that this error happened since the certificate’s name is not determined. In other words, you may have the wrong settings with the SSL configuration. Moreover, once you try to […]

How to Add a Favicon to WordPress

In this tutorial blog today, we will provide an overview of Favicon and How to Add a Favicon to WordPress sites in different methods. Let’s read it carefully and find out the best way to add a favicon to your WordPress sites! Definition In a simple way, Favicon stands for “Favorite Icon”, which is a […]

How to Change Username in WordPress

Unfortunately, default WordPress doesn’t allow users to change their username, so how can you change the Username in WordPress in your own wish? To help you deal with this question, we will introduce some simple ways to help you edit your username. Check it out! Before going to 3 methods to adjust username, let’s find […]