How to Add a Favicon to WordPress

In this tutorial blog today, we will provide an overview of Favicon and How to Add a Favicon to WordPress sites in different methods. Let’s read it carefully and find out the best way to add a favicon to your WordPress sites! Definition In a simple way, Favicon stands for “Favorite Icon”, which is a […]

How to Embed Instagram Feed to WordPress

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How to Add Twitter Button to WordPress

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How to Add Pinterest Button to WordPress

Along with Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, Pinterest is also a prevalent social platform that holds its own share button in WordPress. However, do you know the way to add its “Pin It” button to your WordPress sites? No matter what your answer is, with a purpose to help you acknowledge more methods, we are going […]

Collection Of 7 Remarkable WordPress Like Plugins

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Top 7 Great WordPress Facebook Feed Plugins

With over 2.6 billion users/per month Facebook is being the most outstanding social media platform in the world. So, displaying a list of trendy Facebook Feeds on your WordPress is regarded as one of the most efficient solutions to help you connect with your audience and grow your Facebook account. However, adding your Facebook feed to […]

List Of Best WordPress Pinterest Plugins

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6+ Popular WordPress Knowledge Base Plugins

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Top 6 Useful WordPress Twitter Plugins

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7+ Outstanding WordPress Instagram Plugins

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Top 17 Useful WordPress Comment Plugins

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Top 6 best Social presence Joomla extensions

Come and grab the social presence Joomla extension suitable best for your website! Why should you try the social presence Joomla extension? If you’re looking for a flexible and easy-using Joomla social presence extension for your Joomla website, then you’re on the right way! This article will mention about 6 best Joomla social presence extensions […]