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As a website owner, it is necessary for you to convey your best comprehension to your crowd once they are searching for your webpage. And minimizing the process of login on your website is one of the most effective methods that allow your site visitors to log in with a few clicks via social media platforms.

And WordPress social plugin is considered the most effective tool to handle this task. Now, let’s check the following tools to find out your suitable one.

The advantages of using the WordPress Social Login Plugin

One of the best things is that most of all WordPress social login plugins completely integrate with many common social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkeln, Instagram, etc. Thanks to that, your site visitors easily login into your website via these platforms within a few clicks.

Additionally, they come with a wide range of stunning pre-built templates, so you can easily customize them to match the appearance of the current theme and your site’s branding.

Moreover, the majority of WordPress social login plugins are absolutely free. Hence, you can try the free version for no fee.

Below is a list of WordPress social login plugins that allows users to register and log into your site via social accounts without filling up a registration form.

Top Nice WordPress Social Login Plugin

Quick Social Login

Quick Social Login

Quick Social login is the best WordPress social login plugin that allows your site visitors to register or log in to your site with just barely any snaps. Quick Social Login supports login with Facebook, Google, Twitter, LinkedIn, Slack, and WordPress.com on the Login page, Register page, Comment structures and WooCommerce Checkout.


  • Login with Twitter, Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Slack records
  • Add login gets to any page
  • Catch style options
  • Secure confirmation
  • Association/Unlink provider
  • Also, that is only the start

WordPress Social Login (Google, Twitter, Vkontakte)

Wordpress Social Login

WordPress Social Login support for 10 unmistakable social stages login, for instance, Facebook, Google, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Vkontakte, and anything is possible from that point. What’s more, it furthermore goes with other interesting social features (social sharing, social comments, incorporate the Social Login Icons, etc.)


  • Social login with 10 applications
  • Course of action your own social login application with APP ID and APP Secret
  • Custom image
  • Consign employments to customers
  • Sync social profile picture with WordPress
  • Engage/cripple customer enlistment
  • Also, anything is possible from that point

AccessPress Social Login Lite

Accesspress Social Login Lite

Another recommended WordPress social login module that lets your watcher login adequately using their favored social record. Using this module, you can quickly plan which social records to enable/debilitate for login, which districts of the site social login should be appeared. Moreover, you can without a very remarkable stretch improve social catch to fit the vibe of your site.


  • Login with the most renowned 3 online life.
  • Structure each social records
  • Structure which online life record to engage/cripple in the login region
  • 5 open structures of social login gets/images
  • Show social login button in wherever using shortcodes
  • Use the device to show social login
  • Also, anything is possible from that point

Nextend Social Login and Register

Nextend Social Login And Register

Nextend Social Login and Register lets your customers login to your site using their social aacounts. Additionally, using this module, they don’t need to hold on for endorsement messages or review their username and mystery express.


  • Social records are connected to a WordPress customer account
  • A solitary tick enrollment and login by methods for Facebook, Google and Twitter
  • Interface Facebook, Google or Twitter profiles with customer’s record
  • Show Facebook, Google, Twitter profile picture as image
  • Portray custom occupy URL after the selection
  • Portray custom occupy URL after each login
  • Login device and shortcodes
  • What’s more, that is only the start

WordPress Social Share, Social Login and Social Comments Plugin

Super Socializer

This module will join Social Login, Social Share and Social Comments at your site. Your customers can esily login from 7 casual associations – Facebook, Google, Linkedin, Twitter, Vkontakte, Instagram and Steam.


  • Synchronizes customer’s basic social profile data with WordPress profile
  • Social login from 7 Social Networks
  • Auto-avow comments made by customers
  • Social Login at WooCommerce checkout page and login structure
  • Contraptions and shortcodes for login
  • Sharing at WooCommerce things
  • To say the least


Wordpress Social Login Plugin

This is one of the most useful UsersWP’s add-ons. This allows you to display social login where your user can register and log in via various social media platforms such as Facebook, Google, Twitter, Linkedln, Instagram, Yahoo, and WordPress. Additionally, it comes with various stunning templates that allow you to customize them to fit your themes.


  • Allow your user to register and log in via social media channels

Wp Social

Wordpress Social Login Plugin

WP Social Plugin allow your site visitors to register and login into your website via a wide range of prevalent social networks. By using this plugin, you have the ability to manage custom login redirect URL, and show or hide social login buttons for various pages consisting of wp-login, wp register, comment, Woocommerce login, Woocommerce register, etc.

Additionally, it integrates with 9 social login providers so your visitors can log in via social media channels without effort.


  • Add Social Register
  • Enable Social Count
  • Integrate Social Share
  • Add Social Login
  • Count Posts
  • Count Comments
  • Use Shortcodes to Show Buttons on Any Page
  • Easy to Set-up and Use
  • Up to date API
  • GDPR Compliant
  • Choose your Favorite Font Family
  • Enable/Disable Features

Final thoughts

Which WordPress social login plugin do you think is the best? Anyway, we hope that you can choose the most efficient plugin for your website. If those tools are not suitable for your requirements, feel free to leave a comment below. We will recommend other useful options.

What’s more, visit our free WordPress themes if you are looking for an awesome theme for your site!

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