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Sitemap plays a crucial role in any website. A wordpress sitemap is a list of  URLs of all posts, videos, and images on a WordPress site. Sitemaps will assist your site’s visitors and search engines to navigate and find out the content on your website via all the URLs fast.

If you are wondering which is the best tool to create a sitemap, don’t ignore our blog. Below, we provide you with a list of the best WordPress Sitemap plugins in the market. Now, let’s give it a look.

Why should you try the WordPress sitemap plugin?

Improve the SEO of your WordPress website by adding one of the best WordPress sitemap plugins to your site. The WordPress sitemap plugin will automatically generate an XML sitemap of all your content and the structure of your website. In addition, they will tell search engines of changes to your website. Thanks to that, you can save a lot of time and effort.

Top 6 WordPress Sitemap Plugins

Rank Math SEO

Wordpress Sitemap Plugin 1

Rank Math SEO is one of the most famous WordPress SEO plugins. It provides you with a powerful solution to improve your site’s ranking on search google engines. In addition, it also offers many other advanced features. And XML Sitemaps is one of the most outstanding features that are necessary for your website.

This feature assists search engines easily finding and indexing content on your website. Especially, Rank Math is able to create search engine compatible XML Sitemap for your website automatically.

Provided features:

  • Optimize Unlimited Keywords
  • Google Search Console Integration
  • Google Keyword Ranking
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • and much more

WP Sitemap Page

Wp Sitemap Page Wordpress Sitemap Plugin

Meet WP Sitemap Page! It allows you to use the shortcode to automatically generate a sitemap for your WordPress website. It isn’t a sitemap for search engines bots, just for human, it doesn’t generate an XML sitemap. The plugin will help you improve SEO effectively and navigate the user easier.

Provided features:

  • Display all pages, posts, and categories
  • Support Multi-languages
  • Easy to use
  • Has CSS class to customize it
  • Posts and categories displayed hierarchically
  • Display the taxonomies
  • And more.

Sitemap by BestWebSoft

Google Sitemap By Bestwebsoft

Google Sitemap by BestWebSoft is also an ideal choice for automatically generating the XML sitemap for your website. It will help search engine index your blog and improve your website SEO!

Provided features:

  • Add media sitemap
  • Compatible with the latest WordPress version
  • Detailed step-by-step documentation and videos
  • Add canonical URLs to pages and posts
  • Incredibly simple settings for fast setup without modifying the code
  • Set the maximum number of URLs in one sitemap file
  • And more.

XML Sitemap & Google News

 Xml Sitemap &Amp; Google News

XML Sitemap & Google News – an amazing sitemap plugin for WordPress website that you can use to create feeds that comply with the XML Sitemap and the Google News Sitemap protocol.
It’s a simple sitemap plugin, you do not spend a lot of time to tweak difficult options, the default settings will suffice in most cases.

Provided features:

  • Compatible with multi-lingual sites using Polylang or WPML
  • Sitemap with custom URLs optional
  • Includes XLS stylesheets for human readable sitemaps
  • Custom/static sitemaps can be added to the index
  • Updates Lastmod on post-modification or on comments
  • And more.

Simple Sitemap

Wordpress Sitemap Plugin

Creating a responsive HTML Sitemap with Simple Sitemap WordPress plugin! The plugin will automatically generate an HTML sitemap of all your content to improve your SEO ranking! With this WordPress sitemap plugin, you can easily add a sitemap to your website in no time. Just add the [simple-sitemap] shortcode to any post or page (or text widget), you can display a full indexed sitemap enabled on your WordPress website!

Provided features:

  • Build sitemap visually
  • Preview sitemap directly in the editor
  • Choose from standard or tabbed layouts
  • Beautiful 100% CSS sitemap tabs
  • Display any number of posts or pages
  • List sitemap items in ascending or descending order
  • Sort by field
  • Optionally display post excerpt

XML Sitemap Generator for Google

Wordpress Sitemap Plugin

The next perfect WordPress XML Sitemap Plugin that we would like to introduce is XML SiteMap Generator for Google. One of the most outstanding features is that this plugin support sitemap index file for large sites and the special news and image sitemap formats.

Additionally, the plugin helps you create a detailed sitemap including all customize posts and taxonomy. Moreover, it is completely compatible with many prevalent plugins such as Woocommerce, bbPress, BuddyPress, and much more.

Provided features:

  • HTML, RSS and Google XML Sitemap formats.
  • News sitemap and image sitemap support.
  • Sitemap index support for larger websites
  • Support for custom post types and taxonomy
  • Includes paged links for posts for Archives, Authors, Categories and Tags
  • Add latest pages / posts RSS feed to page header
  • Automatically adds sitemap entries to your robots.txt file
  • Add custom entries to your robots.txt file


Which  WordPress sitemap plugin sounds like the best match for your requirements? In our opinion, each plugin has its own strengths, so you chew over the features that you are looking for to make the right option. Thanks for your reading.

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