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Are you the developers of your plugins, themes, and other digital products? Do you want to prevent your product from getting copied by others? It is necessary for you to use WordPress License Plugin to help you easily create and manage your own license for your products. Below, we have recommended a list of remarkable tools that will help you handle these tasks. Let’s check it out.

Why should your site install WordPress License Plugin?

Thanks to the support of the WordPress License Plugin, you can generate and control your own license for your products and services. Moreover, you can host your digital products such as premium plugins and themes as well as check their update regularly to satisfy your customer’s demand quickly. On the ground of that, you can protect your digital products from the risk of copy as well.

Top 5 Serviceable WordPress License Plugins

WooCommerce Software License Manager

Woocommerce Software License Manager

WooCommerce Software License Manage is the best solution for you to make a connection between your products with WooCommerce, based on EDD Software License Manager. In detail, this plugin makes it possible for you to generate license keys for each product on WooCommerce simply. You have the ability to optional enable or disable the licenses according to your own need.


  • Automatically
  • Licensing is optional
  • EDD Software License Manager
  • And much more

Software License Manager

Software License Manager

Another should-try WordPress license plugin in this article is SOftware License Manager. You can use it to create manage all your license by application. You can also create license keys from the admin dashboard of this plugin manually as well.


  • Create license server
  • Activate from your application
  • Deactivate remotely
  • And much more

License Manager for WooCommerce

Wordpress License Plugin

The License Manager for WooCommerce allows you to sell and manage your license key in your own way. This plugin offers the bulk importer, automatic stock management, and other options for you to complete your licenses. Also, it is likely for you to activate and deactivate your license as well as observer your license as at ease.


  • Import by file upload
  • Export as PDF or CSV file
  • And so on

Software License Manager for WooCommerce

Software License Manager For Woocommerce

Software License Manager for WooCommerce is the following WordPress License Plugin you should try. It supports you to add countless license keys to your products that are displayed on WooCommerce smoothly. And, all of the license keys will be developed from the Software License Manage.


  • Easy to use
  • Simple to add license key
  • Useful
  • And much more

Elite Licenser Lite

Wordpress License Plugin

Elite Licenser Lite is an ideal choice for all types of licensing products. By using it, you are able to not only generate but also follow your product’s update, auto-create license code, and much more. Moreover, you can use applications to track your licensing products because this plugin is compatible with API settings.


  • Automatic Product Updating
  • 3rd Party App Hook
  • Email Template
  • And much more


To wrap up, we have just shown you a list of dominant WordPress License Plugins among unlimited available tools in the market. We expect that you can choose your favorite option for your website. Additionally, we highly appreciate your valuable comments. Hence, if you have any queries, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below.

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