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Although WooCommerce is renowned for its adaptability and abundance of capabilities, users occasionally need more specialized or customized choices for their items than what WooCommerce offers as standard. Fortunately, this hole is filled by the “Extra Product Options Builder” plugin.

It enables store managers to designate and oversee extra product fields that can record different kinds of data and choices made by customers when they are making purchases. We’ve compiled a list of the top 5 top-notch Woocommerce Extra Product Options Plugins for your website in today’s blog. Now, let’s check them out.

What are the advantages of installing Woocommerce Extra Product Options Plugin?

As you know, Woocommerce only provides you with some product options by default. Therefore, if you want to add additional product option and custom fields to your Woocommerce products, you should use the assistance of Woocommerce Extra Product Options plugin. This tool will bring you plenty of significant advantages.

First of all, it allows you to add additional product options and custom fields to your WooCommerce products. This means you can offer more choices and customization to your customers, enhancing their shopping experience and increasing the likelihood of making a purchase.

Besides that, you can easily create and edit fields such as dropdown menus, text areas, radio buttons, checkboxes, etc. This flexibility allows you to tailor the options to match your specific products and business needs.

Some plugins supports conditional logic, thanks to that, you can create dynamic product options that appear or change based on the customer’s previous selections.

List of 5 Best Woocommerce Extra Product Option Plugins (Free and Paid)

Extra Product Sorting Options for WooCommerce

Woocommerce Extra Product Option Plugin 1

With choices on the store page, the Extra Product Sorting options for Woocommerce plugin may help you improve the default Woocommerce order. Titles A through Z allow you to give your list of items a new name using the normal sorting choices. In addition, you have the ability to completely remove the sorting dropdown and basic sorting choices, in which case it will be buried on your shop pages.

Main features:

  • Enable sorting by inventory / availability
  • Enable sorting by review count
  • Remove core sorting options
  • Rename default product sorting
  • Enable alphabetical product sorting
  • Enable reverse alphabetical sorting
  • Enable on sale sorting

Extra Product Options & Add-Ons for WooCommerce

Woocommerce Extra Product Options Plugin

Your items can have customized product choices and fields thanks to the Extra Product Options & Add-ons for Woocommerce plugin. Moreover, numerous fields kinds are available to you, including text inputs, drop-down fields, radio buttons, checkboxes, range pickers, and much more.

Additionally, you can use it to apply conditional conditions inside the form and convert attribute variations dropdown choices into radio buttons, picture swatches, and other formats. You have control over where your new fields are located by using Form Builder. It is also compatible with a wide range of essential plugins that help you extend the functionality of your website.

Main features:

  • Support a lot of types of options
  • Enable extra options in shop and category view
  • Calculate element prices using math formula
  • Calculate element prices using a lookup table
  • Control the placement of the elements and totals box
  • Enable or disable a floating totals box to show the selected elements
  • And much more

Extra product options For WooCommerce

Woocommerce Extra Product Options Plugin

The next free Woocommerce Extra Product Options plugin that you should use is Extra Product Options for Woocommerce. This plugin can be used to customize your product page by adding sections and 19 different sorts of custom product fields.

You have the right to decide once a field or section should be showcased on your product page thanks to the Conditionally Display Fields & Sections: “Display Rules” feature. This feature is also useful for those who want to display/hide fields and sections for particular products, product tags and categories.

Moreover, this plugin allows you to customize the appearance of the fields to match your store by associating a CSS class with your stylesheets.

Main features:

  • Style the fields to match your store
  • Manage the display of custom field values in different pages
  • Edit the add to cart button text for simple products
  • Add advanced fields to the product page (19 custom product fields)
  • Group similar fields on a product page
  • Offer conditionally Display Fields & Sections

YayExtra – WooCommerce Extra Product Options Pro

Woocommerce Extra Product Options Plugin

Another remarkable Woocommerce Additional Product Options plugin that offers tons of useful fields, including  text fields, file uploads, time pickers, picture swatches, colors, and much more for your consumers to customize your product items. Furthermore, adding custom fields to the product page in bulk is a simple process.

It also lets you show or hide parts or fields for customized products. Prior to being live, you may also examine and interact with the product page. You may connect to relevant goods or services on your product page to improve upselling and cross-selling. Hence, your customers can buy an additional product as a choice.

Main features:

  • Create a group of product options
  • Add advanced product custom fields
  • Customize the fields to fit your website design
  • Assign to product pages in bulk

WooCommerce Custom Fields

Woocommerce Extra Product Options Plugin

With the assistance of Woocommerce Custom Fields plugin, you can easily add and customize more options for your users, checkout process, orders, etc. This plugins enables you to sell a wide array of customized products and deliver better organized information.

Similar to other Woocommerce Extra Product Options plugin, this tool also offers a lot of useful fields including password, number, email, text, multi-select, checkboxes, file upload, radio buttons, etc.  In particular, you are fully able to alter the field’s location on the checkout page.

Main features:

  • Gather additional order information on checkout
  • Gather additional user information by using user fields
  • Manage orders more efficiently with custom order fields
  • Upload and link files to products and orders
  • Accept files from customers on product page or checkout
  • Set allowed file types and file sizes
  • Support multiple types of options
  • Sell configurable and customizable products
  • Sell WooCommerce product add-ons and extra product options
  • Use product properties to display additional information about products

The final thoughts

In conclusion, you may expand Woocommerce’s functionality by giving your consumers more customized and adaptable product options with the help of the Woocommerce additional product options plugin. With any luck, you’ll be able to select the finest plugin to enhance the in-store purchasing experience and boost consumer contentment.

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