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Are you tired of dealing with window shoppers and tire kickers on your WooCommerce store? Well, fret no more because we’ve got just the solution for you! In this blog post, we’re going to introduce you to a collection of high-quality WooCommerce private store plugins that will revolutionize the way you do business.

Now, let’s check them out and choose the best one.

When do you need to use Woocommerce Private Store Plugin for your site?

You might consider using the WooCommerce Private Store Plugin for your store in the following scenarios:

Wholesale or B2B Business: If you are running a wholesale or B2B business and want to restrict access to your store to only approved customers or registered users, the WooCommerce Private Store Plugin can help. It allows you to create a private and exclusive shopping experience for your selected customers.

Members-only Store: If you have a membership-based business model and want to offer exclusive products or pricing to your members, the plugin can help you create a private store accessible only to your registered members.

Limited-Time Sales: The plugin lets you set up a private store just for those special occasions if you periodically have one-time specials or promotions and would like to limit who may take advantage of such deals. This may give your clients a feeling of urgency and exclusivity.

Pre-launch or Pre-order Sales: Besides that, the plugin can assist you in setting up a private pre-launch or pre-order shop if you’re launching a new product or service and want to make it available to a limited number of consumers before opening it up to the mainstream market.

List of 6 Must-use Woocommerce Private Store Plugins

Build Private Store For Woocommerce

Woocommerce Private Store Plugin 1

This “Build Private Store For Woocommerce” plugin is designed to assist you in granting favored customers exclusive access, as the name implies. Before they can access your private items, your guest customers will need to register in your store.

Moreover, you may apply these settings to every page on your site or only to particular categories, tags, or sections.

Outstanding features:

  • Private Products And Private Page
  • Customize Login Title, Register Title
  • Manually approve new customers registration
  • Account Approve Email, Account Reject Email
  • Login To price Show
  • Custom Text Add Login With Color customized
  • Disable user login access

YITH WooCommerce Membership

Woocommerce Private Store Plugin 6

YITH WooCommerce Membership is the ideal plugin for you if you need to simplify the administration of items and services with restricted access to your online shop. With the help of this tool, you can establish infinite membership plans with various permission settings, giving you the ability to reward your devoted fans with exclusive material. Upon registration, customers can have their membership in a certain plan automatically configured. You may also establish private stores with just registered consumers able to view the items.

Furthermore, you can quickly define the beginning of the “Members-only” content by using the Gutenberg block. Additionally, you may restrict access to digital items like e-books, PDF files, audio and video files, and more to just members and safeguard your materials in the simplest possible method. In conclusion, you can maximize your e-commerce and boost sales by utilizing this plugin.

Outstanding features:

  • Create unlimited plans with different permission rules
  • Automatically set users as members of a specific plan when they register
  • Make the shop and products accessible to members only
  • Hide pages and posts to non-members
  • Show limited content and push users to sign up to see the full content
  • Allow access or file downloads

B2BKing-Private Store for WooCommerce

Woocommerce Private Store Plugin

For companies searching for a private shop plugin for WooCommerce, BBKing-Private Shop for WooCommerce is an excellent option. It is famous for its over 137 features and functions. Some useful features like custom billing fields, tiered pricing structures, invoice payment gateways, and negotiated price offers are among the more sophisticated features. Prices for visitor users may also be hidden. Besides that, businesses may utilize B2BKing to construct a shop that is only visible to registered users, conceal pricing from logged-out customers, or hide the whole store.

Additionally, the plugin enables companies to create purchase lists, bulk order forms for wholesale, and bespoke offers that business-to-business customers may utilize to quickly restock or refresh supplies. In addition, businesses may designate certain user groups for varying discounts, free delivery requirements, or minimum order criteria.

Outstanding features:

  • Hide prices for guest users
  • Show a message such as “login to view prices” instead of price.
  • Hide the “add to cart” button and prevent checkout
  • Customize messages shown to users
  • Force users to log in to view content

WooCommerce Private Store Plugin: Shop for Registered Users Only

Woocommerce Private Store Plugin

WooCommerce Private Store Plugin: Shop for Registered Users Only” by Addify is a fantastic Woocommerce private store plugin that you ought to employ next. This plugin was created specifically to assist business owners who wish to provide registered consumers exclusive access to their items. You may limit access to your store’s pages, goods, categories, and more after installing the plugin. To access the private items on your website, all of your customers will also need to register with your business.

Moreover, you have complete control over the registration process, meaning you can accept new user requests by hand or prevent some individuals from logging in at all. In addition, the plugin lets users build a private section that is only visible to particular users and informs users when changes are made to their account capabilities.

Outstanding features:

  • Customize form opacity and show a background image or video on the Login Page
  • Upload or embed video from YouTube
  • After login, redirect user to the same page or another link
  • Allow/Disallow Google to crawl and rank your private pages
  • Force users to log in to view content
  • Privatize the whole store, whole WordPress site or specific products, categories & pages
  • Enable / Disable new user registrations
  • Option to auto or manually approve new users registrations
  • Email notifications for admin and customers

Private Store for WooCommerce

Woocommerce Private Store Plugin

This important Woocommerce private shop plugin is not to be overlooked if you plan to build an online website. Also, store owners may use the plugin to grant access to registered customers or customers with a password, while keeping the store concealed from the general public. In addition, it lets you control who may view which pages, items, and categories.

Additionally, business owners may regulate the registration process and store access any way they see fit given the considerable power this plugin gives them. The plugin is a vital tool for online retailers trying to create a private and secure buying experience because it perfectly interacts with the WooCommerce platform.

Outstanding features:

  • Tags and pages are private for guests from specific countries
  • Stop the robots from crawling private posts
  • Give guests access to your entire website
  • Approving new customers manually
  • Login access is disabled for the user
  • To view WooCommerce products, categories, tags, and pages, guests must log in or register


Woocommerce Private Store Plugin

For websites wishing to establish a private membership club where customers can access unique material, the Republic plugin is a fantastic option. You may limit non-members’ access to your items by creating a member-only store with the help of this plugin. With the plugin, you can set up various content access levels and membership tiers for particular users or user roles.

Additionally, you have the ability to select which posts, pages, or goods are accessible only to members. It also has a number of customization options that let you match your logo and make your store unique.

Outstanding features:

  • Create a private WooCommerce store
  • Restrict access by user role, password, or logged-in status
  • Create different levels of access through user roles
  • Control which content users can see
  • Protect posts, products, categories, or the entire site
  • Create different membership tiers
  • Allow different user roles and different levels of access


In conclusion, as every plugin has a unique set of features and functions, it’s critical to take your unique requirements and business strategy into account. Ideally, you can provide a safe and customized buying experience for your consumers by using the appropriate WooCommerce private store plugin. Please include the name of any other excellent Woocommerce private shop plugin you may know in the comments section below.

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