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Are you ready for these amazing features of Joomla 4?

As a Joomla fan, you might know that Joomla 4 alpha version has been released, and the date of stable version is coming really soon. There is no doubt that there will be many new improvements in coding quality and features in this amazing release. With Joomla 4, PHP 7 must be used, and Bootstrap 4 integrated to this version as well. In addition, advances in Backend UI and more exciting features are expected to prevent backward compatibility breaks.

Joomla 4 entire core is developed with the latest technologies for making Joomla more simple to use but it is still a powerful CMS platform. Joomla 4 with the aims of simplifying the process of upgrading just with a click, as well as keep extensions away from backward compatibility breaks, it is hopefully expected for giving us more abilities to do more things. Now, let’s take a look!


For HTML, CSS, as well as JS Framework, Bootstrap is the most well-known to develop website responsiveness, which is the main rewrite of the whole project and is used to improve your project’s power. Joomla 4 and later versions will suppose to be along with the up-to-date Bootstrap version.

Bootstrap 4 Integration


To get backend UI absolutely user-friendly and simple to use, the development team of Joomla 4 is about to make it more advanced!

Joomla 4 Back End

Backend navigation and collapsed options are now displayed on the sidebar. When a user has a click on menu, the main menu is supposed to be collapsed along with icons and to give space for the sub-menu bar.

Joomla 4 New Menu

New Menu of Joomla 4

Joomla 4 development team also improve the responsive feature of Joomla backend for making it work quickly and have a neat look.

Joomla 4 Responsive Back End

More about Joomla 4 new looks

Article Editing Page

Add new article page

Global Configuration

Global configuration

Article Manager

Articles Manager

Module Manager

Module Manager


Orthogonal Component Structure

There are 2 components in this Orthogonal system, which are:

  • Horizontal: commenting, translating, tagging versioning,…
  • Vertical: web links, content, contacts, users,…

This advance makes it possible for every component to take advantage the new capabilities that are used across extensions.

UI components with latest technologies

A component list will be made with the custom elements which are the new W3C standard. To have a nice performance with well-optimized HTML markup, all components have used optimized Javascript and plain, which brings more benefits to developers.

MVC layer improvement

In Joomla 4, duties of a component will be restricted, therefore, the component is going to implement only its own main functionality while the rest is pulled out of the system. This advance makes extensions be cleaner for coding. To simplify as well as extend the functionality when having a multitask/single controller, “Command bus” will be in use by developers.


In this new release, Joomla 4 provides us 2 new templates of Frontend and Backend which are Cassiopeia, Atum –  integrate with Bootstrap 4 and fully responsive.

Front End Template

The new template of frontend

Back End Template

The new template of backend


Provide users full control of their media files – to structure folder system and manage files more simple. Besides, this New Media Manager also helps you configure particular permissions for every role of a user.

Joomla 4 Media Manager


Accompany various interesting features that Joomla 4 brings to us, this new version is also promised to give us an easier installation process – which is simple and fast for installing! In addition, multilingual installation, as well as demo data, are included in “Customize installation”.

Moreover, the installation process has more options added, such as:

  • Able to install extensions (with minimum core supported extensions).
  • Demo data rework installation.


As we have known, SEO is an important part of web development, at the Joomla previous version, Schema markup integration and features have been supported to improve it. For the next appearance of Joomla 4, more new features of SEO have been mentioned in work list of the development team. Let’s get wait for it!


Using latest technology, improving quality of coding, deleting the old functionalities, replacing JFactory with Dependency Injection Containers, using Joomla framework for more components, Deprecation, Code Namespacing,… With these efforts, page loading times will be shortened!


We are so excited about the release date of new Joomla 4. We are also on the way to get ready and release Joomla 4! templates as soon as it launches! Let’s wait for this next innovation of web development and get full preparation for it.

Thank you so much for reading! If you have any relating question, please feel free to let us know by leaving a comment below, we will reply as soon as possible!

Image Credit: JoomlArt

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