5 Best Joomla URL Redirect Extensions For Managing URL Redirection
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What is the best Joomla URL Redirect Extension for managing URL redirection?

In this article, we introduce to you 5 best Joomla URL Redirect Extensions that are wonderful to redirect your site from the domain. All you need to do is to scroll down to get an overview of them and choose the one that impresses you the most!
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1. ReDJ (Free Download)

ReDJ - joomla url redirect extension

The first Joomla URL Redirect Extension that you should not ignore is ReDJ! It allows you to manage URL redirection, this is an ideal choice for creating URL aliases and managing redirection. So check it out!

2. Yireo SSL Redirection (Free Download)

Yireo SSL Redirection joomla url redirect extension

The next one is Yireo SSL Redirection! This is an awesome plugin to redirect non-secure HTTP-pages to secure HTTPS-pages, and back again. Click to know more information about the plugin!

3. aiRedirectWww (Free Download)


This is also an ideal Joomla URL Redirect Extension that you can add to your Joomla website to automatically redirect your site from the domain.

4. Simple Redirect (Free Download)

Simple Redirect

Introducing Simple Redirect! This is a wonderful Joomla URL Redirect extension that you should not ignore! Simply add the plugin tag to the article content, it will be redirected to the target URL after Refresh interval.

5. JRedirects (Paid download)


And the last one is JRedirects! It can be used to manage redirects from old to new links automatically! This is also a choice to improve SEO, ranking, and indexing of your Joomla website! The extension comes with a lot of additional features!

  • Automated redirects changing the structure and hierarchy of menus
  • Fixes duplicated links for paginated results
  • Robots.txt integrated editor
  • Htaccess assisted editor
  • Mobile detection and redirection
  • And more!


Which of these best Joomla URL Redirect Extension interest you? If you have any question about this post, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below. And don’t forget to share with your friends if you find it useful! Thanks!

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