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As an online shop owner, you need to use a useful tool that helps your customers accurately calculate sales tax or VAT at your online store. However, which are the best tools to help you to do this task? It is understandable that you find it difficult to find the best one, so in today’s blog, we will bring you a list of remarkable Woocommerce Tax Plugins for websites. Now, let’s check them out.

The benefit of the Woocommerce Tax plugin

Using Woocommerce Tax Plugin is definitely a great solution to keep your online store on the right side of the law as well as limit issues related to taxes. In addition, these tools can assist you to complete your filing responsibilities and automate WooCommerce’s sales tax calculation process. Thanks to that, you can avoid payment gaps and penalties. Moreover, they also integrate with plenty of prevalent tools, so you improve the user experience on your website.

Top 5 Woocommerce Tax plugins

WooCommerce EU VAT Compliance Assistant


The developer has brought to us a powerful Woocommerce Tax plugin that integrates to our site a great tax system for EU VAT law (enforced from 1st January 2015). Therefore, you and your customers will not need to spend time updating and configuring the law but the correct law still applies well on your site.

Provided features:

  • Find customers location
  • Display the price with correct VAT on the first page
  • Record evidence for audit
  • Convert currency
  • Refund
  • and more.


  • Good support
  • Simple to use.

WooCommerce EU VAT Assistant

Woocommerce Eu Vat Assistant

If you want to find a great Woocommerce VAT plugin to deal with VAT regulations of EU, then this plugin from Aelia team should be taken a look. This plugin extends Woocommerce standard sale process and calculates the due of VAT. Moreover, it also gets essential information to fill MOSS/VAT returns.

Provided features:

  • Locate customers address and record it
  • Collect evidence
  • Accept/validate EU VAT numbers
  • Support VAT currency
  • Advanced reports
  • Populate VAT rates automatically for all EU countries
  • and more.


  • Configurable
  • Helpful and fast support
  • Provide many features.



An amazing Woocommerce Tax plugin adding to your Woocommerce store a field of NIE/CIF/NIF to billing/shipping forms, admin and customers.

Provided features:

  • Require field NIF/CIF/NIE in the shipping or billing forms
  • Add the required information including phone and email to shipping field
  • Validate the field NIF/CIF/NIE
  • Support VIES VAT number field to exempt taxes
  • and more.


  • Helpful support service.

Flat Rate per State/Country/Region for WooCommerce


This is a simple Woocommerce Tax plugin to define the flat rate of delivery based on customers’ countries, world region delivery address on your online store. You can also create many groups based on countries, world regions, states then set delivery rates for each group.

Provided features:

  • Set a backup rate “Rest of the World” for all destinations
  • Apply shipping fee for the whole order, or multiple it on an item, apply for each group/rule
  • WPML, PHP7 compatibility
  • and more.


  • Simple to set up.

NIF for WooCommerce


This Woocommerce Tax plugin adds a new NIF/NIPC field to checkout page or order step in case your customers are from Portugal.

Provided features

  • Add to checkout, order admin, Woocommerce order emails, Thank You page,…NIF/NIPC field
  • Customize field NIF/NIPC of customers on the User edit page and “My Account – Billing Address”
  • Validate check digit of NIF/NIPC.


  • Easy to use and install
  • Nice work.


It is the end of the Woocommerce Tax plugin collection today, we hope you can find a suitable plugin for your site.

Moreover, if you are looking for a gorgeous, responsive design to improve your site’s appearance, don’t hesitate to visit free Woocommerce WordPress themes to find one. Thank you so much for reading. If you have any questions, please leave a comment below, and we will reply as soon as possible!

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