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Create successful marketing campaigns with the amazing Woocommerce Product Feed plugin for your site!

When you create and run a promotion campaign which is successful, the conversion rate of your site will grow up. One of the most important factors has an influence on it is your attractive product feed. That is the reason why you need an appropriate Woocommerce Product Feed plugin which helps you do this job. Wanna get one? Give the below collection a look!

1. Product Feed PRO for WooCommerce


This is a Woocommerce Product Feed plugin that generates all great product feeds for every marketing channels of your store, for example, Google Dynamic Remarketing/Shopping (merchant center),, Remarketing of Facebook, Pricerunner,…This plugin also provides you with more than 100 pre-defined themes for search engines, marketplaces…

Provided features:

  • Select field/attribute
  • Conversion tracking
  • Map field/attribute
  • Unlimited product feed
  • Support WPML
  • Track conversion
  • and more.


  • Free version provides many useful features
  • Easy to use and time-saving.

2. WooCommerce Product Feed for Google, Facebook, eBay and Many More


This plugin will help you to sync your products with popular merchant centers like eBay, Google Shopping, Facebook Product Ads, and more by creating product feed as well as data feed. It also updates your product automatically to the feed file based on the provided timetable then sync items to other shopping engines by HTTP or FTP, so the real customers can access your product from the store to pricerunner, Google Shopping,…

Provided features:

  • +100 merchant sites supported
  • Support more than 100 merchant sites
  • +10 pre-configured template for, Google Shopping, Google Adwords…
  • Upload feed automatically by FTP
  • Able to access HTTP and HTTPS
  • Product feeds can be posted automatically or manually to shopping engines
  • and more.


  • Fully functional and easy to use
  • Great support service.

3. Woocommerce Google Feed Manager


Everything will be easier when you have this Woocommerce Product Feed plugin to use Google Shopping Feed manager for your online store. You can add up to 100 items from your store to one product feed – matches with requirements of Google Shopping.

Provided features:

  • Tweak all fields’ content when your product feed has been submitted to Google merchant center
  • Google product categories can be changed
  • Different titles can be used from your store
  • and more.


  • An easy to use plugin
  • Helpful support.

4. Product XML Feeds for WooCommerce


This is a useful Woocommerce Product XML feed plugin for you to add product XML feeds to your site. These feeds will be generated automatically with crons.

Provided features:

  • Products to exclude/include
  • Product categories to exclude/include
  • Product tags to exclude/include
  • WPML supported
  • Select product scope
  • Select variable products
  • and more.


  • Configurable XML feed
  • Great support team.

5. WooCommerce Product Feed Export


Support you to create as well as export product feed output that a merchant requires with the entire product category and product detail, including native import variations, ExportFeed will be a worth-trying Woocommerce Product Feed plugin for you.

Provided features:

  • Generate product feed
  • Optimizable product listing
  • Schedule to manage product feed automatically
  • Merchant categories by mapping local product categories
  • Support product variations
  • and more.


  • Flexible and intuitive interface
  • Responsive support
  • Simple to use.

6. Feedo


Feedo is also a perfect choice of Woocommerce Product feed plugin for online stores. By using Feedo, you can create, automate and publish product feed to the Google merchant center.

Provided features:

  • Map custom variables and product categories globally by using Google Merchant Center values
  • Assure feeds are updated regularly and fully optimized
  • Allows customers to update their attributes Merchant Center with one or many products
  • Publish automatically to Google Merchant center with a click when optimized feed is already reviewed.


That’s it! Have you discovered something useful for your site here? It would be great if you do! Don’t forget to visit our free Woocommerce themes to explore more beautiful design.

Thank you so much for reading! If you have any question, don’t hesitate to comment below, we will reply as soon as possible!

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