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Nowadays, a large number of people use AdBlock Plus to block advertisements on the website. This directly affects your website revenue. So, in order to prevent the advertisements of your website from being blocked by Adbock extension, we will provide you with a collection of the 5 best WordPress Anti AdBlock Plugin for your WordPress site. It’s time for you to explore.

The pros of using WordPress Anti Adblock Plugin for your website

If you let adblockers block your ads, it will have huge bad effects on your ad revenues. Because Google Adsense only pays you once their ads appear on your website. However, if they are blocked, it means that you will not get profit from showing ads. Fortunately, with the assistance of the WordPress Anti Adblock plugin, you can stop people from using AdBlock. These tools will help you detects the extension once AdBlock is used and prevent people from utilizing it in various methods.

Here are 5 outstanding WordPress Anti Adblock plugins that we picked to help you handle this issue and get more revenues from ads.

Top 5 Best WordPress Anti Adblock Plugins


Wordpress Anti Adblock Plugin

On the off chance that you need to look for the best approach to stop AdUnblicker module recognizes whether Google AdSense is running on your site. Another way is the module will make an impression on your clients, benevolently mentioning that they turn the advancements on by adding your blog or website to the whitelist in the commercial blocker module that they use. Advertisements are generally hindered by promotion blockers (eg AdBlock, AdBlock Plus). A popup shows with a book mentioning the client to whitelist your site.

Provides Features:

  • Tweak the look and feel of the popup
  • Smooth administrator board for a simple and quick arrangement
  • Created in view of WordPress best practices
  • Backing Images and shortcodes (eg: PayPal button)
  • Eliminate settings from information base on module uninstall
  • Works with SSL
  • Quick, non-impeding content stacking
  • Furthermore, considerably more


  • Rich
  • Different

NS AdBlock Blocker

Ns Adblock Blocker

NS AdBlock Blocker gives you some help to recognize site visitors who have presented and started adBlocking developments. You can anticipate that customers should execute their advancement blocker before allowing them into the site. Significantly this module, if AdBlock is enacted, divert clients into an impeded pages.

Provides Features:

  • Default page completely adjustable
  • Utilize your custom page
  • Distinguish site guests who have introduced and enacted adBlocking expansions


  • Viable
  • Magnificent

DH – Anti AdBlocker

Wordpress Anti Adblock Plugin

DH-Anti AdBlocker can give guests who use adblocker on their gadgets at whatever point any guest who introduced adblocker and open the site there will be a warning to incapacitate their advertisement blocker. On the off chance that the adblocker dynamic the site can not be gotten to, and to get to the site their adblocker must be impeded and the commercials on the site will return.

Provides Features:

  • Notificaticate to debilitate their adblocker
  • Access the site their adblocker must be impaired and the promotions on the site will return.


  • Attractive
  • Pleasant

Eazy Ad Unblocker

Eazy Ad Unblocker

The perfect tool allows the admin of the site to configure the text and heading of the modal popup. Moreover, it has an option to completely blackout the content in the popup background via opacity settings. Especially, this plugin also enables you to set the width of the popup for larger devices such as ipads, laptops, desktops if you don’t like the popup to be totally spread out.


  • Prevents users from using the site when adblockers are active for them
  • No way to dismiss the popup without deactivating the ad-blockers
  • Checks whether ad blockers are on or not, not if the page has ads
  • The popup can be disabled on individual pages and posts
  • Deleting the plugin deletes its data as well
  • The popup style theme can be changed


  • Easy to use
  • Effective tool
  • Powerful features

Simple Adblock Notice

Wordpress Anti Adblock Plugin

This useful WordPress anti adblock plugin displays a popup to whitelist your website in case adblock plus browser extension blocks your advertisements. In fact, it is not an anti AdBlock plugin. However,it can notifies your website visitors to whitelist your site from Adblock extensions.

Features(Pro version):

  • Set your own text for the adblock notice
  • Change adblock notice title
  • Disabled simple adblock notice for particular pages if you do not have the advertisement on them
  • You can show a sticky notice always on the screen to annoy the viewer and make him/her whitelist your website
  • You can opt for “Strict mode” to hide your entire website until your website is whitelisted


  • Easy to use

Wrap Up

To conclude, that is all of our best WordPress Anti Adblock plugins. We expect that you can pick the most effective WordPress Anti Adblock plugin to prevent people from using Adblock. If you have any queries, don’t hesitate to write a comment below.

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