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Using the Woocommerce Customer Reviews plugin to allow your customers to leave their feedback on your site is a way to improve your service quality!

The good point of the Woocommerce Customer Reviews plugin

Customer Reviews play an important role in the establishment and development of your business, no matter what kind of business you are heading. However, collecting their reviews is not an easy job, you will need a suitable Woocommerce Customer Reviews plugin to help you with it. In today’s collection, you probably find one plugin that is appropriate for your site. Let’s take a look!

Top Nice Woocommerce Customer Reviews plugins

Customer Reviews for WooCommerce


An amazing Woocommerce Customer Reviews plugin to urge customers to make a review about the product or service they have experienced, which results in increasing conversion rate of your store by the automatic review reminder. With the customers who have paid on your store, they will get a reminder email inviting them to make a review about the product.

Provided options:

  • Provide a form for negative review
  • Review reminder
  • Customer reviews are enhanced
  • Offer customers with discount after reviewing


  • Many languages supported
  • Possibility to contribute language
  • Simple to install and setup.

Reviews Ultimate


You can consider this plugin as the best customer review plugin for WordPress that permits customers to make a review on different services, products. Review Ultimate offers 2 product review shortcodes displaying your own reviews and customers’ reviews.

Provided options:

  • Control reviews of customers
  • Show customers’ review on a specific page or all product pages
  • Multiple rating systems supported
  • Filter reviews


  • Easy to customize and use.

 WooCommerce reviews plugin by Wiremo


A useful Woocommerce Customer Reviews plugin that supports your staff to improve quality of products and services and encourage them work efficiently through consulting customers feedback. This plugin allows your customers to use their social ID to log in and make a review.

Provided options:

  • Automate on-landing and in-email review request supported
  • Able to reply to reviewers
  • Conversation/pop-up trigger.


  • Provide a friendly design
  • Many languages, notification system supported.

Review & Product Review by Review Builder


Adding to your page star rating system and review is what this Review Builder brings to your Woocommerce store. It provides you with an entire set of features to display review, add to products custom criteria, an eye-catching title for review box, and more.


  • Create unlimited reviews
  • Customizable reviews.

Sum up

The collection of the greatest Woocommerce Customer Reviews Plugin is it! It would be fantastic if you can find at least one plugin that suits your requirements. Moreover, there are a lot of beautiful, free Woocommerce themes on our website. Let’s check them out and choose the best one. Thanks for your reading.


  1. Amit shah

    Thank you very much! I developed a lot of web sites with WordPress and i mostly use Magento to e-commerce. I was looking for a review like this to easily understand the power of this plugin. Thanks!

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