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WordPress Q&A Plugin is a powerful assitance, helping you design and add Q&A form into your site simply.

In any era, the need for communication is essential. Especially, in the digital technology era, it becomes more important than ever. For example, you own an online store, your customers want to have more information related your products. If you don’t have any Q&A form on your site, it’s very hard for them to ask you. So, your online business will have troubles. Therefore, we will help you by introducing you Top 8 Effective WordPress Q&A Plugin In 2021.

DW Question & Answer

Firstly, a module that can give you incredible experience is DW Question and Answer. That is to say, this module will uphold you to construct a total Q&A framework for your site. Another valid function of this module is that it gives multi-dialects, shortcodes, reCAPTCHA, and so on

Provided features:

  • Submit / Filter / Order / Edit / Delete Question
  • Answer / Comment
  • Vote and Pick Best Answer
  • Notification Email system
  • Instant search by keywords


  • Multiple language
  • Effective

YITH WooCommerce Questions and Answers

Secondly, a module you shouldn’t miss is YITH WooCommerce Questions and Answers. In other words, this module is extremely useful for any individual who has an online shop site. Above all, your guests of your shop can pose inquiries about items. After that, both administrator and different clients can answers to them. Besides, it gives different capacities that you can check beneath.

Provided features:

  • Manage easily questions and answers
  • FAQ mode, questions and answers are created only from the back end


  • Free
  • Simple to install and use


If you have a module that can make an item remarks and conversation Tab, then you should try WooDiscuz. Most importantly, it grants customers to examine about your items and ask pre-deal inquiries. Further, it likewise has an element for customers to decide in favor of remarks and offer items.

Provided features:

  • Front-end
  • Allows to create a new discussion thread and reply to existing comment
  • Adds labels/titles for each discussion member
  • Smart voting system with tracking by logged-in user and cookies
  • And more….


  • Fully integrated and compatible with WordPress and WooCommerce
  • Flexible options

CM Answers

Fourthly, an great module you should utilize is CM Answers. In other words, this module permits clients to post questions and replies in a stack flood style. Moreover, you can channel any undesirable substance, add answers, and effectively monitor clients activities.

Provided features:

  • Includes a views count and an answers count
  • Administrators can moderate question & answers and can receive email notifications
  • Sorting options in the question and answer pages
  • Template can be easily customized


  • Easy to use
  • Nice support

Ultimate FAQ – WordPress Q&A Plugin

Ultimate FAQ – WordPress Q&A Plugin is another module we need to give you. Dislike these other modules, this module simply assist you with making FAQs and add them to your WordPress site. In addition, what highlights it has?

Provided features:

  • Create unlimited FAQs
  • Create unlimited FAQ tags and FAQ categories
  • Gutenberg FAQ block
  • FAQ shortcode
  • And more


  • Mobile responsive
  • User-friendly

Question Answer

Another module we desire to present for you is Question Answer. Most importantly, it accompanies frontend question accommodation structure through shortcode. Moreover, it makes included inquiry at top with featured foundation. Furthermore, there are numerous elements of it you can peruse beneath.

Provided features:

  • Archive page via shortcode
  • Awesome account page via shortcode
  • Ton of filter & action hook to extend
  • Search & filtering by user slug, category, keywords, question status
  • Display view count for questions
  • And more….


  • Useful
  • Free

AnsPress – Question and answer

The next plugin we will specify is AnsPress – Question and answer. Basically, this module is comparative in capacity to CM Answers. In this way, you can adds a full inquiry and answer framework to your current WordPress site. Besides, it lets you create a Q&A network like StackOverflow and Quora.

Provided features:

  • Submit / Filter / Order / Edit / Delete Question
  • Answer / Comment
  • Vote and Select Best Answer
  • Notification Emails and Web Push Notifications
  • Shortcodes available


  • User-friendly
  • Multiple language

Ask Me Anything (Anonymously)

Finally, we wan to mention to Ask Me Anything. This module lets you add a structure on your site where clients can ask you inquiries secretly. Moreover, it spares inquiries as WordPress remarks.

Provided features:

  • Proper CSS ID’s and classes to easily style if necessary.
  • Easily style your AMA page with built-in CSS box
  • Custom CSS can be minified and is loaded only on AMA pages
  • Simple and effective spam/bot check via a test question


  • Multisite compatible
  • Fully customizable


To sum up, with the help of Top 8 Effective WordPress Q&A Plugin In 2020, your site’ll become more friendly and flexible. If you have any trouble with these plugins, then don’t hesistate to ask us because we will reply you as soon as possible. Besides, you can build up your site easily with Free WordPress Themes here.

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