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Do you want to make your website content displayed in a well-organized way? Using accordions is a great method to showcase more content on your post/page without adding long scrolls. Therefore, if you want to display content in a collapsible tab layout, don’t miss a list of useful Gutenberg WordPress Accordion Plugins below. They will help you present more information in a limited space. Now, let’s get started!

What can Gutenberg WordPress Accordion Plugin do?

The fact shows that WordPress allows users to present content in restricted spaces. Therefore, you need to install Gutenberg WordPress Accordion Plugin to help you deal with this problem. By using this plugin, you enable to create flexible collapsible sections that permit your customers to extend the content in no time. On the ground of that, you can not only improve your site visitors’ experience but also reduce bounce rate effectively. Now, let’s start!

Top 11 Incredible Gutenberg WordPress Accordion Plugin

Accordion and Accordion Slider

Accordion And Accordion Slider

Firstly, we really want to introduce Accordion and Accordion Slider, one of the great Gutenberg WordPress Accordion Plugins for your business. This is a fully responsive and touch-enabled WordPress Accordion Plugin. This is the wonderful mix between the design of an accordion and a slider. Besides, this plugin is also compatible with Gutenberg, the latest browsers, and more.

Kadence Blocks

Kadence Blocks

Secondly, if you are looking for a plugin to assist you in both extending Gutenberg’s editing capabilities and making stunning accordions, Kadence Blocks is the best choice. In detail, this plugin will give you chances to create eye-catching accordions in just some minutes. Besides, it is possible for each pane of the accordion to consist of different blocks, customizable title styles, borders, and content background options.



Thirdly, Gutentor is a wonderful and advanced collection containing many WordPress Page Building Gutenberg Blocks. This plugin provides the Accordion Module where you are able to produce countless collapse items. Moreover, in the body of the accordion, you are authorized to pin whatever Gutentor Elements according to your own demand. What’s more? Thanks to the support of the Accordion Panel, you can create and modify texts, icons, and other options in the accordion at ease.

Helpie FAQ

Helpie Faq

Helpie FAQ is tailored to meet all demands of your FAQs and Accordions creating. To be more specific, this plugin makes it possible for you to design, customize, and implement both FAQs and Accordions in your site quickly. In addition, you authorize to present FAQs that are created with a totally responsive Toggle or Accordion-style and attached with categories and tags. In this way, your customers can search for and group data by FAQ categories and tags support simply. This plugin works well with Gutenberg Editor, shortcode, Elementor, and widget.

Ultimate FAQ

Ultimate Faq

The next Gutenberg WordPress Accordion Plugin in this article today is Ultimate FAQ. The highlight of this WordPress plugin is that you can generate and display your beautiful FAQs design anyplace on your WordPress sites using Gutenberg block or shortcode. Plus, it also supports you to create numerous FAQ tags and categories to improve customers’ experience. On top of that, Ultimate FAQ comes with a fully responsive interface, which makes your site automatically fit any screen resolution and size.



Accordions Plugin is also one of the must-have Gutenberg WordPress Accordion Plugins for your site. This tool is extremely useful to make accordion, FAQ, tab content, and other forms in some simple steps. Furthermore, you also hold chances to customize the appearance of your design, colors, content font size, icons, and much more.

Premium Blocks for Gutenberg

Premium Blocks For Gutenberg

Premium Blocks for Gutenberg gives you strong support for your WordPress sites building by using Gutenberg. Some outstanding features of this theme consist of RTL and translation-ready, and modular. By utilizing it, it is possible for you to showcase much data or content from a limited space excellently. Also, Premium Blocks for Gutenberg helps you to arrange the content and present them in separated tabs.

PublishPress Blocks

Publishpress Blocks

Next, PublishPress Blocks is an ideal choice for you to make your websites based on WordPress Block Editor: Gutenberg. The extra blocks offer an amazing accordion block, which aims to help you present a lot of substance in a poor area. So, you are able to optimize your site space for other sections and allow customers to explore their needed information quickly via just a click of the mouse.

Accordion Blocks

Accordion Blocks

Accordion Blocks is the following Gutenberg WordPress Accordion Plugin that we desire to mention. This plugin is the basic way for WordPress users to add accordion drop-downs to their pages and sites. Regularly, the accordions will be well-matched with your WordPress theme, but you are able to edit and insert other customizable styles to make it fit your own style. Other features of this theme are 100% responsive, accessible, and multiple personal settings.

Lightweight Accordion

Gutenberg Wordpress Accordion

Lightweight Accordion makes it easier for you to embed accordion( collapse elements) into your posts thanks to the assistance of shortcode and Gutenberg. Moreover, this plugin is built with an HTML tag and a few lines of CSS in mind, so this plugin doesn’t require any javascript to install. Therefore, the speed of your site loading will be optimized. And, Lightweight Accordion also offers various customizing options for accordion titles, orders, colors, and more.

Ultimate Blocks

Gutenberg Wordpress Accordion

Finally, let’s take a look at the last Gutenberg WordPress Accordion Plugin, Ultimate Blocks. It owns 45 different important blocks. This plugin is valuable for you to make your content stand out from other competitors as accordions. Hence, your customers can find out what they are looking up smoothly with just a click of a mouse to expand the content.

Final thoughts

Which is your preferred Gutenberg WordPress Accordion plugin? Let’s show us your selection by leaving a comment below. We will be very happy to get your opinion.

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