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Hi everyone,

If you have not known yet, the newest Joomla 3.8.10 has been launched today! After receiving some problems from our customers about Helix Menu, we decided to write this post for helping you all fix these problems. We have checked and made an update patch of Helix system plugin, you can download it here.

When you have the patch, please install it by going to Admin > Extension > Manage > Install, then check your site again,

In addition, you can also fix the issue by going to line 49 of the following file  ‘/plugins/system/helix3/helix3.php’ to see this PHP code:


just replace it to:

if (is_object($data)) {
$data = (array)$data;

then save and check again.

If the problem is not able to be solved with the above solutions, please let us know by submitting ticket support, or you can leave a comment below this post, we will respond as soon as possible!

Thank you!


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