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Nowadays, thanks to the development of technology, internet-based education is becoming more and more popular. If you want to run an online education website to provide courses for students, it is necessary to find a suitable LMS plugin. By using it, you can easily create, manage and sell your courses.

Understanding your need, today, in this collection, we provide you with the top best WordPress LMS plugins that may be helpful for you. Let’s start and choose the best one for yourself!

Why should you utilize WordPress LMS Plugin?

By using the WordPress LMS plugin, you can easily generate and manage a wide range of online courses with different subscription options. In addition, they come with a bunch of powerful features to help you implement various tasks such as managing your online course content, handling subscriptions, creating quizzes, accepting payments, and much more. Especially, you are able to manage multiple online courses directly from one central dashboard.

Top Best WordPress LMS Plugins

LearnPress – WordPress LMS Plugin


Here is one of the best WordPress LMS Plugin that enables you to create, manage and sell many courses including quizzes, questions, and lessons as well without any coding knowledge required. LearnPress Plugin is totally compatible with eLearning WordPress themes. Moreover, this plugin also gives you the option of using questions and lessons from a particular course into a different course easily.

Provided features:

  • Certificates add-on for LearnPress
  • Show enrolled user
  • Student ranks
  • REST API for mobile app
  • No distraction mode
  • Report/feedback about a question/quiz/lesson
  • Commission for a payment method
  • Instructor’s note
  • Create courses
  • Sell course
  • Stripe Payment method
  • Sorting Choices question type
  • Commission add-on


  • Great plugin
  • Wonderful support
  • Fast and good

MasterStudy LMS – Free Learning Management System WordPress Plugin for Online Courses

Masterstudy Lms

Here is a new but powerful WordPress Course Plugin. By using this plugin, you are able to generate, control and edit many attractive online lessons which consist of photos, sliders, graphs, video and many other attachments. Because this plugin is compatible with PayPal and Stripe, you can get flexible prices as well as make a payment easily.

Provided features:

  • One-time purchase
  • Integration with PayPal & Stripe
  • 3 types of lessons: text, video, slideshow
  • Paid Membership Pro integration
  • Real-time questions and answers feature
  • Course Wish list
  • Instructor & Student Profiles
  • The real-time countdown timer in the quiz
  • Quiz results with correct/incorrect answers
  • Quiz retake
  • Courses ratings


  • Excellent plugin
  • Good service
  • Great



LifterLMS plugin enables you to generate and sell online coursed effectively on your site. Because this plugin is totally compatible with many powerful extensions such as Paypal, MailChimp, and Authorize, its functions can be expanded easily. Furthermore, this plugin also offers you many great features, for example, social learning, certificates, achievement, 1:1 private coaching an so on.

Provided features:

  • Engage your students
  • Offer memberships
  • Make money building an education-based business
  • Create courses
  • Integrate with the tools you need
  • Own and manage your platform
  • Save big with a bundle


  • Simply excellent
  • Great plugin and support
  • A robust LMS

Tutor LMS – eLearning and online course solution

Tutor Lms

Here is a powerful WordPress Corse Plugin which has many features. By using this plugin, you are able to generate and sell online courses in an easy way. Moreover, this plugin helps you to include powerful reports, fun quizzes or statics in order to make your course more attractive. It also gives you the option of controlling, monetizing and administering your online education withour any coding requirement.

Provided features:

  • Course Widget
  • Teacher registration form
  • Add course requirement and instruction
  • Quiz Attempts
  • Centralized Monetization Settings
  • RTL Ready
  • Page Builder Support
  • Course review and rating system
  • Q&A for students with the course teacher
  • Tracking course progress
  • Course Difficulty Level


  • Fast support
  • Great features
  • Easy and Beautiful

WP Courses LMS

Wp Courses Lms

Here is a free WordPress LMS Plugin which is totally compatible with many WordPress themes. By using this plugin, you are able to generate as many as courses on your WordPress site. You also have the ability to control lessons and track the progress of your students.

Provided features:

  • Users can track lessons they’ve completed
  • Mobile and desktop friendly
  • WP Courses is 100% FREE
  • Create Unlimited courses
  • Integrates with any theme
  • Restrict content to logged-in users only
  • A dozen video tutorials
  • Create a video or text-based lessons
  • Easy to use and setup


  • Great plugin
  • Easy to install
  • Simple to use

LearnPress – Course Review


LearnPress plugin allows you to generate many attractive courses including questions, quizzes, lessons and so on. Besides, you can have the ability to use quizzes and lessons which are from a particular courses into another one. This plugin also includes many free and paid add-ons that allow you to extend its features.

Provided features:

  • Add courses to a wishlist for students
  • Export or import course or courses out-of-box
  • Add bbPress Forum support for LearnPress
  • Require students to pass some courses
  • Multiple instructors support
  • Review course for enrolled students
  • Stripe payment method
  • Add drag & drop certificates builder


  • Work well
  • Easy building course
  • Good product

Sensei LMS

Sensei Lms

Sensei LMS is the best LMS WordPress plugin that enables you to generate and then sell lessons, quizzes, and courses easily without any coding knowledge. What’s more, you can also have an option of running assignments, quizzes or grades either automatically or manually. This plugin also allows you to provide certificates or badges for your customers after online courses.

Provided features:

  • Quizzes that assess and reinforce
  • No coding required
  • Create courses, lessons, and quizzes
  • Earn passive income
  • Sell courses


  • Awesome plugin
  • Easy to use
  • Absolute customization

CLUEVO LMS, E-Learning Platform


This WordPress Course Plugin enables you to insert video tutorials, podcasts, SCORM  e-learning modules, and many other media into online courses of your site. In addition, you can also have the option of arranging content into chapters, courses or modules so that you can manage the permissions of different students and groups effectively.

Provided features:

  • Set permissions for each level
  • Learning structure
  • Assign users to groups
  • User management
  • Define competence areas
  • Set various general options
  • Create a learning structure


  • Great plugin and support
  • Simple and powerful
  • Very responsive team

Namaste! LMS

Wordpress Lms Plugin

Namaste! LMS is a completely free WordPress LMS Plugin that enables you to generate many rules for your lesson and courses which are based on test results, manual admin approval, and assignment completion. What’s more, this plugin also provides you the option of assigning different user roles in order to control the Learning Management System and work with it. After finishing courses, your students can also get certificates as well.

Provided features:

  • Create different rules for accessing courses
  • Assign different user roles
  • Supports an unlimited number of courses
  • Full documentation and demo
  • Earn certificates upon completing courses


  • Excellent
  • Straightforward and Logical
  • Great Value for Free

Edwiser Bridge – WordPress Moodle LMS Integration

Wordpress Lms Plugin

Edwiser Bridge is an effective plugin that enables you to create online courses that are compatible with WordPress and WooCommerce and sell them easily. In addition, this plugin consists of many powerful features that allow you to sell Moodle courses much more effective. You can also have the ability to link your courses with multiple WordPress sites.

Provided features:

  • Import your Moodle courses to WordPress
  • Set the Moodle courses as a draft
  • Course access control
  • Sell courses through WordPress
  • Synchronize enrolled course data for users
  • Connect moodle with multiple sites


  • Great Support
  • Very Good Service
  • Excellent product

The bottom line

Have you chosen the most effective WordPress LMS plugin for your website? Generally, each plugin comes with powerful features. However, each user will have different requirements, so you can consider provided features to choose the best option for your website.

By the way, our free WordPress themes specialize in providing plenty of responsive, nice, SEO-friendly designs. So, don’t forget to visit and get various ones for your website.

Thank you so much for reading! If you have any questions, please leave a comment below, and we will reply as soon as possible!

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