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Online casinos invest a lot of money on website design. The reason is simple. A casino’s website performance can make or break its success. A website is like a gateway into a casino’s offices.

It needs to be beautiful and functional. It should offer all the features guests need, from contacts to mobile support. User experience for online casinos focuses on the customers’ overall experience.

If you’re a UX designer, this article will share some actionable tips you can learn from online casinos. Let’s get started.

Stick to the Fundamentals of UX

The basics of UX design don’t change whether you’re building a website for online gambling or shopping. They’re also not affected by tech trends and chances. They include:

  • Keep it simple
  • Build for humans
  • Be easy and findable
  • Provide context

Simplicity means you should only incorporate important features in a website. People have a short attention span, these days. Be direct with your information; Make it easy to find content and features on your website.

Most website users love platforms that feel human. This means using simple words and direct words. Use simple animations to guide new customers and provide context to help your leads know what to expect throughout their user journey.

Design to Solve User Pain Points

The most successful online casinos focus on solving existing pain points. Some sites specialize in improving mobile gaming. Others solve the payment process, from deposits to withdrawals.

Determine the biggest pain points in your business niche by gathering information through surveys and interviews. Work with a digital survey company that can hire people to use a competitor’s website.

Then ask questions about what the interviewees like and dislike about the website. If you are trying to improve an existing website, interviews provide an excellent chance to discover how your website could be improved.

Maybe the website is overwhelming. Perhaps it takes too long to open pages. Improve the site based on the information you gather online.

Be Open and Transparent

Transparency is one of the biggest selling points for successful online casinos. Betus online casino is an excellent example. It shares information about its ownership, licensing, software providers, payouts, and bonuses.

If you claim the Betus promo code, you receive comprehensive information about the bonus—amount, wager requirements, validity time, withdrawal limit, and game weighting terms.

Details helps create trust with customers. Most people buy products from a business because of trust and transparency. Have that in mind when designing any website. Think of ways to build trust through transparent conversations.

Focus more on providing information and less on selling. Allow your customers to learn about your products and services without being overly “salesy.” They will not only buy from you but they’re also more likely to recommend you to their peers.

Provide Excellence in All Aspects of Your Business

A good website user experience means more than solving a user’s primary objective. According to a survey by Forbes, most people love websites with fast and courteous customer service, intuitive website features, and outstanding services overall.

In the casino space, successful businesses have intuitive, mobile-friendly websites. This helps attract new customers. It also makes it easier for customers to use a website even if they have never gambled in the past.

However, the user experience doesn’t stop in providing a user-friendly website. It also extends to openness when describing a site’s bonuses, games, payment policies, and security features.

When it comes to customer service, top-tier casinos prioritize speed in providing feedback, professionalism, and satisfaction. Many sites use more than one contact method to improve customer satisfaction.

Look for Inspiration from Successful Brands

The online casino sector is full of websites that share color palettes, software providers, mobile layouts, and payment options. If you’re narrow-minded, you might think that some casinos are just too lazy. But this couldn’t be further from the truth.

As a designer, one of your core goals is to create a successful platform. What’s the best way to ensure a platform works? Find inspiration from a more successful brand.

Let’s say you want to build a website for an SEO company. You love the colors you’ve chosen. The website loads fast and has security features and a conspicuous contacts button.

However, you’re not certain how to design the onboarding page. Find inspiration from popular SEO websites. Find out why these websites are successful. In design, everyone finds inspiration from someone else.

Prioritize Your Target Audience

In the online gambling sector, every website has a unique target audience. Some sites target bingo fans—mostly older women. Some platforms focus on emerging markets like India—young and savvy customers.

When designing a website, have your target audience in mind. Create user personas to help you keep in mind the type of people you’re designing this platform for.

Maybe you’ve been tasked to create a digital marketplace for cars. Your audience consists of car owners, marketers, manufacturers, and mechanics. Note the goals and challenges experienced by your users

Don’t make any assumptions. Gather information as we previously highlighted. Maybe buyers want to see more car details without clicking too many pages. Perhaps sellers are more interested in being able to set prices and target customers in specific regions.

Establish your audience’s challenges and goals. Then create a plan to help you achieve these metrics.

Keep Learning and Improving

In the world of UX, trends can change fast. Your customers might ask for a certain feature just because they saw it on a different website. But they could later find it annoying.

Keep tabs on UX trends. Communicate with your audience regularly and make it your goal to improve on things that no longer work. A decade ago, many online casinos were investing in animations so much that they would slow down their websites.

The animations were meant to improve fan engagement, especially among young players. Today, most casinos use simple layouts to prioritize speed and performance. The reason for this change is that designers learned from their previous mistakes. They now focus on what works.

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