How To Move Site with Elementor Page Builder?

Take it a look now! Migration with plugin Do you want to use a site migration plugin to move your website? It is important to use a plugin that can replace absolute URLs. Programmatic migration Replace URL behavior – You should consider that  add_post_meta of Elementor transfers the JSON escaped strings with the wp_unslash function of […]

How to Speed Up a Slow Site With Elementor Page Builder?

Elementor is the quickest page developer for WordPress, however, it may have a setup that causes slow loading. Let see some reasons and solution to deal with this problem. Reasons for a Slow Site/Elementor Servers – It can be from the free or shared hosting administrations in memory, data transmission. Media – images that you upload the header and footer is too […]

How to Access a Section That is Hidden?

Sometimes a section or the section’s handle can become hidden and inaccessible, making it impossible to edit it because another section overlaps it. To solve this issue, you can follow these steps: Step 1: Press F12 right-click to check element on the section Step 2: Find the segment that is inaccessible. It might HTML code like: Step 3: Add Margin-top to the […]

How To Solve Problems In Elementor Page Builder?

Follow this article step by step: Step 1: Check the FAQ and make sure that your server’s PHP version is the most updated versions of Elementor, WordPress and your theme. Step 2: Deactivate all your plugins, then activate your plugins one by one to recognize the dangerous plugin. Step 3: Cleanse the caching plugin. Step 4: Change your WordPress […]

How To Download Elementor With Safari On Mac

In the case that you download Elementor (free or Pro) with Safari program for Mac, you may experience the accompanying issue: Safari consequently opens ZIP documents and in this manner, you can’t download Elementor as a ZIP folder. Therefore, go to your Safari Preferences and under General, then uncheck Open “safe” files after downloading, this can help […]