Joomla Article Page & How to Link Articles

Joomla Article Page & How to Link Articles Today I’ll introduce you Joomla Article Page & How to Link Articles.This tutorial helps you create a simple page and display it in the menu of the Joomla site. How to create Joomla articles Content for your standard pages includes images, text and hyperlinks created in the Article […]

How to Remove Joomla Extensions

How to Remove Joomla Extensions Today I’ll introduce you How to Remove Joomla Extensions and Remove a Joomla 3 component, module or plugin. It’s easy to remove components, modules and plugins from Joomla. First, you need access to the administration panel and go to Extensions -> Manage Extensions. On this page, click on the Manage link in […]

How to Improve your Joomla Speed

Speed is one of the most important factors for the success of your website. I will guide you to optimize Joomla so that it achieves great speed. You will see the most essential action possible made to speed up Joomla 3. Keep Joomla and its Extensions Updated You need to update to the latest version […]

Capinella ou Beaujolais Font

Introduction Of  Capinella ou Beaujolais Font Hi my friends, Let me a new handwritten font. This font is called Capinella ou Beaujolais Font. You can use it to design your project. I think it’s suitable for banner, book or newspaper cover, card,… Hope it useful for you 😀 From:

How to Change Joomla Admin Language

How to Change Joomla Admin Language This time I will show you how to change the language of the Joomla administration panel. Note that you have permission to install multiple languages and change the settings for each user. First, log in to your Joomla administrator area. Then go to Extensions -> Language Manager to open […]

Jenthill Script Font

Introduction Of Jenthill Script Font Hi guys, are you looking for a lovely fonts for your new project ? Come here right now! i have the thing you need 😀 Ok now let me introduce about Jenthill Script Font. This lovely font family which includes 4 font styles: a wonderful script typeface Jenthill , Jenthill Light, […]

Hello August Script Font

Introduction Of  Hello August Script Font Let’s design something with a new script font. That’s Hello August Script Font. Hello August planned and shared by Aron Veraart. Hello August Hand is a hand drawn brush typeface that can be utilized as a part of different courses, as in the item pictures above. Hello August Sans […]

Coffee+Tea Font

Introduction Of Coffee+Tea Font Hi, Let me introduce an impressive handwriting. It can help you design a lovely menu. You can see it through the images below. It’s called Coffee+Tea Font was designed and shares by phitradesign. It’s not only for designing menu but also use for  signature, stationery, logo, typography quotes, magazine or book cover, website header, clothing, […]

How to Upgrade Joomla

How to Upgrade Joomla Today I’ll introduce you How to Upgrade Joomla.Your Joomla upgrade is extremely important for site security. It is very easy to navigate. However, moving from one version to another is not a simple task. Joomla versions explained Joomla has two main supported versions: Joomla 2.5 and Joomla 3.x. The project developers work […]