How to Add Extra Fields to an Article in Joomla! 3.7?

As you know, Joomla! has just released Joomla! 3.7 with many new features. One of the biggest new features is is the ability for administrators to add Custom Fields to articles, users, and contacts, and extension developers to use this feature within their own custom Joomla! extensions. Today we share with you how to add […]

How to Embed Videos in Joomla

How to Embed Videos in Joomla Today I’m going to show you how to embed video from vendors and disable inline tag filtering for default Joomla. Editing TinyMCE Settings The top menu of Joomla Extensions -> Plugin Manager. Find the plugin as Ediot-TinyMCE and click on it. Then find the Forbidden sections box and delete […]

The Joomla Layout Explained

The Joomla Layout Explained Today I will guide you to install Joomla by default with some templates of Joomla 3-Protostar. It will help you get acquainted with joomla faster.To begin with, take a look at this image: Your Joomla website’s title The main title of your website needs to make sense. You log into the […]

How to Add Banners to Joomla 3 Sites

Joomla 3 comes with a component for managing banners. It allows you to add banners, organize them into categories and display them in different places on the site. You create the banner by logging into the admin area and going to Components -> Banners -> Banners. On this page, click on the green New button […]

Joomla Positions Tutorial

Joomla Positions Tutorial Today I will introduce you more about Joomla 3 positions and how to use them. What are Joomla Positions? Each Joomla template has locations that appear different modules such as menu, login form, search form, and so on. It depends on which template you are using, where they are placed and their […]

How to Create Drop-down Menu in Joomla

How to Create Drop-down Menu in Joomla Today I will show you how to create a drop-down menu for Joomla 3 site. Especially you choose a parent menu in the process. I will create a drop down menu under Computer Components Main. Create a Joomla Drop-down Menu First go to the Joomla 3 administration area, […]

Joomla Component Page

Joomla Component Page Today I will introduce you to how to create more complex content and add specific functionality at the top. You can do it through Component Manager. Content created with Components manager Component Manager has many options for adding more complex page types and other content to your site. Joomla 3 allows you […]