What’s a cron task? How to create cron task?

A cron task is a system which will automatically trigger HikaShop without any human intervention. There are two ways to create cron task, you can create it on Hikashop’s server or create on your own server. Create your cron task on Hikashop’s server Some hosting companies don’t enable you to create a cron task on your […]

How to configure HikaShop?

During the install process, HikaShop will be automatically configured using your Joomla Configuration but it also allows you to modify it if you want. Toolbar Check database: This tool will check the HikaShop database structure in order to fix potential issues as well as content problems like products without categories, Joomla tags, etc. Save: Save the […]

How to translate HikaShop?

If HikaShop is not translated in your own language, you can easily add a language file in HikaShop. Step 1. Log in to the administrator section of your website. Step 2. Click on the menu Components >> HikaShop >> HikaShop menu System Step 3. Click on the tab Languages If HikaShop is not translated in […]