Learn how to customize the display

In this post, you will learn how to find the elements you want to customize and how customize them. CSS Edition Follow this part if you need to change the CSS properties of an element. For example, you want to change the size and the color of the price on a product listing, you need your browser […]

How to display content on your front end?

Content will be displayed using two elements : Menus and Modules. Difference between Menus and Modules An Item Menu is display on the front end in order to create a new link with the Title Item Menu, and leads to content. In this example, the content is the categories listing (Shoes and Computer). A module […]

How to translate HikaShop?

HikaShop is translated in 30 languages and partially in 11 languages. By default, English is on the installation package, if you use other languages you can create your own laguage. Step 1. Log on the administrator section of your website. Step 2. Go to Components >> HikaShop >> System Step 3. Click on the tab Languages HikaShop will […]

How to setup taxes?

Description You might want to configure several tax categories for your products by going to the Categories HikaShop menu. – You might have a category food and a category electronics with the example above. Then, when you add or edit products, you can set a tax category for each. – Click on the Manage rates […]

Solving problems

Joomla Messaging System If you don’t see any message when you don’t enter correct information during the checkout process, that’s probably because your Joomla template does not contain the tag to display Joomla messages: <jdoc:include type=”message” /> Or sometimes, your template has an option to turn that display off. Then check about such option in […]

Installation Errors

Installation Errors HikaShop installs files in the following folders. Please first make sure those folders are writable before trying to install HikaShop : Joomla / Administrator / Components Joomla / Components Joomla / Modules Joomla / Plugins Joomla / Plugins / Hikashop Joomla / Plugins / Hikashoppayment Joomla / Plugins / Hikashopshipping Joomla / Plugins […]