How to manage currencies in HikaShop?

5.0 01 As you know, HikaShop supports all the existing currencies. It has a currency manager so you can tweak each currency, a currency switcher module that you can use to allow your users to change the current currency, and a system to automatically update the currency rates. Currency Management The first thing you need […]

How to create or edit mass actions?

0.0 00 Mass actions will allow you to process almost everything in Hikashop, for example you can edit multiple products as well as categories, orders, addresses or Hikashop users, avoiding long hours of repetitive work doing it element by element. You can also move products from one category to another or change the order status […]

How to add products in Joomla’s articles?

5.0 01 Hikashop product insertion/translation plugins are functionalities which will allow you to display your Hikashop products through your Joomla articles. By this way, you can create Joomla articles about your “favorite/most popular/..” products and display your products. Hikashop product insertion: This plugin will be used through your Article creation page. Go to Control panel […]

How to manage custom fields in HikaShop?

5.0 01 In HikaShop, you can manage all your custom fields, for the customer information, his addresses information, categories information, products information, article information and orders information. With the address custom fields, you can personalize the information you can gather from your customers for each of their addresses. With the user custom fields, you can […]

Learn how to use wishlists and carts?

5.0 01 The wishlists are functionality which allows your customers to create a shared list of products. They can add your products in their wishlist and send the link of the wishlist to their friends. Enable / disable the wishlists and multi-carts By default, the wishlists and carts are enabled. Want to disable them, go […]

How to create and edit Bagdes on product images

5.0 01 In HikaShop, you can create badges which will be visible on the images of the product to highlight some specific attributes of some products, like discounts, new products, featured products, etc. On your backend, go to Products -> Badges  Toolbar New: Click “New” button to create a new badge. Edit: Want to edit badge, select […]