The Conquer Brush Typeface

Introduction Of The Conquer Brush Typeface Today’s freebie is The Conquer Brush Typeface! A perfect font for logos, header, poster, merchandise, handwritten quotes, product packaging, social media & greeting cards. The font comes with authentic dry brush imperfections, and a very bouncy baseline that will make your designs more impressive and wonderful! Check it out and […]

PHP Requirement for Joomla! 4.x and Framework 2

As you know, Joomla! already planned release schedule with Joomla! 4.x. This version make big updates with router (custom rewrite URLs) and Framework 2.0. And today, Joomla! sent special requirement for PHP, let’s read details and plan PHP version in your hosting for your current and next projects. Over the last year, a lot of […]

Tormentor Free Handwriting Fonts

Introduction Of Tormentor Free Handwriting Fonts Make your designs more lovely and impressive with Tormentor Free Handwriting Fonts! The font is ideal for cards, invitations, web, branding, clothing design, printed production and press and many more. The font contains punctuation, numerals, both lowercase and uppercase letters – everything for creative workflow. Check it out and free […]

How to translate HikaShop?

If HikaShop is not translated in your own language, you can easily add a language file in HikaShop. Step 1. Log in to the administrator section of your website. Step 2. Click on the menu Components >> HikaShop >> HikaShop menu System Step 3. Click on the tab Languages If HikaShop is not translated in […]

Rolade Free Font Family

Introduction Of Rolade Free Font Family Looking for free font family? Then you’ve found it! Rolade font comes with some alternates to give more flavour and variation and supports a wide range of latin based language. This font is perfect for display purposes. Don’t hesitate to get it for free right now! From:

Set Of 100 Free Nature Icons

Introduction Of Set Of 100 Free Nature Icons Today’s freebie is a nice set Of 100 Free Nature Icons, they all are friendly and clean so they’re perfect for social media, kids’ sites, and any project where you want to communicate health, innocence, and positivity. You’ll find a useful reference sheet, and each icon is supplied […]

How to set up Joomla shop with J2store?

In this post, we show you how to set up a Joomla shop with J2store within minutes. I. Download, Installation, Configuration of J2store The first thing you need to do is to download, Installation and Configuration of J2store Step 1. Download J2store Component Package from J2store official website. Step 2. Go to Joomla Extension >> Manage. Then […]

Consequences Free Sans Serif Typeface

Introduction Of Consequences Free Sans Serif Typeface Today we’re glad to bring you a classic and clean free sans serif typeface that is perfect for branding, poster, flyers or t-shirts design, logos, titling, signage, headlines and many more! It’s totally free for download! Don’t miss it! From:

How to setup J2Store Multi Currency?

J2Store multi currency feature allows you store owner to setup multiple currencies to facilitate the purchase of customers in different countries. So how to setup J2Store Multi Currency? The first thing you need to do is to decide your primary or default currency for your store. You can set the default currency by setting the […]