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Yes, we know that Oberlo and Shopify together are killing it when it comes to a streamlined dropshipping process. But what about those of us that want a more hands-on approach and are big fans of WordPress? Well, thankfully there’s a wonderful solution.

We’ve created a streamlined method that lets you dropship using WordPress and AliExpress in an automated way that will take very little effort from you. In fact, whenever a customer places an order on your WordPress store, that order is automatically forwarded to your AliExpress supplier so they can get the item(s) ready for shipping immediately!

Here’s the easiest way to get started dropshipping with WordPress:

  1. Install WordPress – We’re assuming you’ve already got a domain name and web hosting by now. Nearly every single web hosting company in existence has one-click WordPress installs. This should be super easy to set up. If not, go to and follow the instructions for manually installing it on your web hosting setup.
  1. Install The WooCommerce Plugin – WooCommerce is *the* best ecommerce plugin to use for WordPress. It will let you sell items that are drop shipped, physical items that you control the inventory of, and even digital or downloadable items. From your WordPress dashboard, go to Plugins -> Add New. Type in ‘WooCommerce’ and from the next screen you can install and activate it.From here you can play around with WooCommerce to get a feel for how it works, but the next few steps in our tutorial will end with products being imported automatically from AliExpress so you won’t need to manually add products.
  2. Install The Free Ezusy Plugin – This handy little guy is essentially like Oberlo but for WordPress. Go to and click on Create An Account. While signing up they have an option to sign up for free. The free account lets you import up to 150 items from AliExpress (which is more than enough for beginners!). Once your account has been created, go to the confirmation email they’ve sent, click the link, and on the very next page click the Use Ezusy button.You will need Google Chrome installed. After clicking the Use SaleSource button, you need to then go install the Ezusy Chrome Extension. This is the magical tool that takes products from AliExpress and puts them into your WooCommerce powered WordPress store.
  3. Configure The Extension – With the Chrome extension installed, you now have a new button. It’s a little blue icon with the Ezusy logo on it. Click that little guy and head over to settings. It will ask you for the website address of your WordPress store. Once you’ve entered the URL, click Connect, and it’ll work it’s magic before you can do the last step.
  1. Find AliExpress Products – Next, using Google Chrome, head on over to AliExpress and find the products you want to dropship! As you’re browsing through the products, that little blue Ezusy button/icon on your web browser is just begging to be pushed. Once you land on an item you want to sell, click on that little guy, and the import wizard will walk you through getting the item imported into your WordPress store.

As you can see, Shopify and Oberlo are not the only way you can dropship products from AliExpress in an easy, automated fashion. We recommend reading our guide on how to make sure you find reputable AliExpress sellers and you should be able to hit the ground running!

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