How To Deal With Update Issues?

Test the updates Updates are always tested by BETA testers, however, you still should backup your websites on a regular basis to avoid pitfalls. The reason for issues after updating Most of the issues following updates relate to conflicting plugins and themes or with server settings installment which prevents Elementor from working properly. To see the new updates […]

Troubleshooting A Slow Loading Elementor Editor

If your page is loading slowly, you can take these solutions: Close Browser Tabs When there are many tabs opened at the same time, this will consume browser resources. Therefore, try to close the tabs which are not completely necessary while editing your page. Activate Safe Mode If the editor loads quickly when Safe Mode is […]

How To Move Site with Elementor Page Builder?

Take it a look now! Migration with plugin Do you want to use a site migration plugin to move your website? It is important to use a plugin that can replace absolute URLs. Programmatic migration Replace URL behavior – You should consider that  add_post_meta of Elementor transfers the JSON escaped strings with the wp_unslash function of […]

How to Speed Up a Slow Site With Elementor Page Builder?

Elementor is the quickest page developer for WordPress, however, it may have a setup that causes slow loading. Let see some reasons and solution to deal with this problem. Reasons for a Slow Site/Elementor Servers – It can be from the free or shared hosting administrations in memory, data transmission. Media – images that you upload the header and footer is too […]