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The presence of Joomla Booking Extension helps foster better client relationships and provide better customer service. It also makes you look more professional means it values your time more seriously!

Whether it is to arrange meetings, to book your services, or to make plans for events, it is essential to use a tool that has a simple, well-organized interface. Today, we are happy to bring you brilliant Joomla booking Extension that can help you to manage all your bookings and appointments without any stress.

1. Solidres [ Free Download]

Solidres is a free Joomla booking expansion which is intended to help booking. Utilizing the stunning and rich structure of Solidresin your booking site will draw in a visitors to visit and effectively go gaga for your inn. Furthermore, the well disposed UI helps the client to utilize and oversee without any problem.

Given Features:

  • Booking every night or every day
  • Bolster private room just as shared room
  • Adaptable duty setup
  • Multilingual with Falang combination
  • Google Map incorporated
  • Bolster installment strategy overcharge and rebate


  • Simple to introduce
  • Decent
  • Extraordinary help

2. JHotelReservation [ Free Download]

JHotelReservation will give you online reservations and the executives of a convenience. Guests to your webpage will have the option to check the availability of your Bread and Breakfast, resorts, inns, estates or condos and make online appointments.

Given Features:

  • 5 simple configurable reservation steps
  • adaptability in overseeing reservations
  • various rooms/offers sees
  • oversee rooms, charges, email layouts, focal points
  • kids classifications
  • a straightforward, adaptable approach to set up room rates
  • dashboard detailing of reservations made


  • Adaptable
  • Straightforward
  • Pleasant

3. Jomres [ Free Download]

Jomres is an application that works close by both Joomla and WordPress. From the earliest starting point, it has been intended to work from the front-end – a usefulness that is the thing that clients need, making it simple for non-specialized clients to cooperate with your site. Additionally, it is a profoundly appraised and popular Joomla segment for inn and estate booking framework.

Given Features:

  • Visitors have their own records
  • Appointments every night or every day
  • Rich Property List
  • Google maps all around bolstered
  • Absolutely multilingual


  • Clean
  • Responsive
  • Straightforward

4. ARTIO Booking [ Free Download]

Would you like to include a booking or reservation sort of office on your site? Artio Booking is another savvy decision. This is a smart booking motor which was exactly what you requirement for your site, to permit individuals to book a wide range of fields at a campground, for example, vehicle rentals, convenience booking, office reservation, administration booking or meeting room reservations. It additionally permits your clients to book each or more things in turn.

Given Features:

  • Staggered structure for bookable items association
  • Booking sees: month to month/week by week/day by day
  • A few booking strategies
  • Configurable costs
  • Bookable additional items and alternatives
  • Google Maps mix


  • Oversee it without any problem
  • Brilliant
  • Ideal to utilize

5. JomHoliday [ Paid Download]

JomHoliday  is ideal for a lodging booking site. The augmentation has been intended to incorporate all that you have to set up a web crawler easy to use reservation websites for any market. It empowers you to assemble a registry with various participation levels for the clients and charge by PayPal.

Given Features:

  • Propelled search and channel abilities
  • Web based Booking and Resource expansion
  • Booking Add-ons
  • Flawless look and shading plans
  • Be social with cutting edge appraisals and audits highlights
  • Add connections to give extra data


  • Extraordinary expansion
  • Exquisite look
  • Valuable

6. Vik Booking [ Paid Download]

VikBooking is an expert and clean structure for lodging and convenience business reservations. You’re utilizing the reservation framework for lodging, bed and breakfast, inn, condo, or some other kind of convenience, this booking augmentation can deal with and impeccably addresses every one of your issues.

Given Features:

  • Amazing Pricing System
  • Various Prices per Seasons of the year
  • Charges relying upon the Children age
  • Multi-Language support
  • CSV Export/Report of the Bookings
  • Detailed Rooms Management framework
  • Cash Converter supporting more than 140 monetary standards


  • Clean
  • Proficient
  • Extraordinary help

7. Joomloc-Lite [ Paid Download]

Joomloc-Lite is one of a couple of incredible augmentations. Be that as it may, it has the right to be a decent reserving part with pleasant usefulness expected to take care of business for a non-booking and booking framework.

Given Features:

  • Oversee 1 lodging
  • Make boundless facilities
  • Get booking demands by email with the structure
  • Test and make a thought regarding different renditions of joomloc


  • Decent
  • Simple to utilize
  • Wonderful

8. OS Services Booking [ Paid Download]

Operating system Services Booking is the best help and arrangement booking part is utilized for online administrations planning and arrangement the board. Clients will be dazzled with the rationale of how the segment is designed.

Given Features:

  • GCalendar combination
  • Adaptable booking formats
  • Simple to make Services the booking demand
  • Continue booking demand by days, many months
  • Joomla Multiple dialects support


  • Compelling
  • Valuable
  • Responsive

9. Rentalot Plus [ Paid Download]

RentalotPlus is a web-based booking framework for occasion properties. RentalotPlus runs all alone Joomla site, it is certainly justified regardless of a look from you. It has an efficient back-end, simple to tweak messages that you can send to customers consequently after they book.

Given Features:

  • Internet booking with installment by means of a selection of doors
  • Search on accessibility, inhabitance or highlight
  • Selection of showcases including interactive Daily Calendar View
  • Can draw maps demonstrating one or the entirety of your properties
  • Full back end organization framework with reports and diagrams
  • Any number of properties


  • Incredible help
  • Pleasant
  • Responsive


Joomla Booking Extension is an essential tool to create a fully functional booking website. Moreover, Let’s take a look at our free Joomla templates to get some stunning designs for your websites.

Thank you so much for reading! If you have any questions, please leave a comment below, we will reply as soon as possible!

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