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Migration with plugin

Do you want to use a site migration plugin to move your website? It is important to use a plugin that can replace absolute URLs.

Programmatic migration

Replace URL behavior – You should consider that  add_post_meta of Elementor transfers the JSON escaped strings with the wp_unslash function of WP. Besides, you can find the code located in WP-content > Elementor > Includes > Utils to avoid issues.

WP CLI – You are able to check integration with WP CLI in order to migrate your websites.

Migrating background images

You can define the CSS Print Method to be inline instead of using external files if you want. Follow these steps:

Step 1: Open WordPress Dashboard

Step 2: Go to Elementor > Settings > Advanced

Step 3: Click CSS Print Method > Internal Embedding in Advanced tab

Step 4: Choose the CSS print method: inline and Save Changes.

After Migrating

Let ensure that all instances of the URL have been replaced with Replace URL tool!

Step 1: Go to Elementor > Tools > Replace URL

Step 2: Add your old and new URLs

How To Move Site With Elementor Page Builder?

After migrating, you should regenerate the CSS by going to Elementor > Tools > General > Regenerate CSS.

How To Move Site With Elementor Page Builder?


If there are some mixed media errors or images missing, you can follow the After Migrating steps above.

If your editor panel is grayed out like this:

How To Move Site With Elementor Page Builder?

You can:

Step 1: Go to Settings > General in the WordPress admin

Step 2: Enter the correct URL into the settings there

How To Move Site With Elementor Page Builder?


Whenever you have any questions, remember to leave a comment below, we will respond as quickly as possible.

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