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Follow this article step by step:

Step 1: Check the FAQ and make sure that your server’s PHP version is the most updated versions of Elementor, WordPress and your theme.

Step 2: Deactivate all your plugins, then activate your plugins one by one to recognize the dangerous plugin.

Step 3: Cleanse the caching plugin.

Step 4: Change your WordPress subject to WordPress TwentySixteen (or other default WordPress theme).

Step 5:  Alter the wp-config.php and set the value of WP-DEBUG to true.

Step 6: Go to  Elementor > Settings > Advanced switch editor loader method

If you still don’t  deal with problems, you can contact support following these steps:

Firstly, report the issue accurately and in detail.

Next, stick the name + URL of the theme/plugin.

Then, open Elementor > System info. Remember to use Pastebin to paste it and send it to us your system info.

Finally, press F12 and select the reassure tab on the Elementor page. Paste the messages in Pastebin.


If you find it helpful, remember to share this article with your friends. You also can leave a comment below in the case you get trouble, we will reply as quickly as possible.

Credit: Elementor Official

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