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If you are looking for a google calendar plugin to showcase events or meetings exactly? Here is 9 Nice WordPress Google Calendar Plugin for you.

Google Calendar Plugin plays an important role in each company. This helps users display meetings or the most common repeating events and customize event content. Therefore, we want to share list of 9 Nice WordPress Google Calendar Plugin In 2020. We hope this plugin will support you do this task easily and quickly. Let’s start exploring this collection!

1. WP Google Calendar Manager 

WP Google Calendar Manager is a general connecting with device open. With this module, you fundamentally snap and you can get your foreseen occasions, get-togethers, get-togethers. Also, it licenses you to flaunt your plan with different dialects.

Provides Features:

  • Show occasions from Google Calendars.
  • Normal director settings for direct game plan changes.
  • Import unavoidable occasions from Google Calendar.
  • Show your schedule in the frontend
  • Hotshot your schedule with different dialects.
  • Hotshot occasion subtleties with a tooltip on glide.
  • Besides, the sky is the limit starting there


  • Exciting
  • Perfect
  • Stunning

2. Dan’s Embedder for Google Calendar

Dan’s Embedder for Google Calendar urges you to show the plan in both outline and full view in a way that was certainly not difficult to style. Moreover, this module doesn’t restrain to the measure of plans you would interface have the option to up. All you need is an open Google Calendar (or unique!) and a free, easy to get API key.

Provides Features:

  • Presentations open schedules in an adaptable satisfying affiliation
  • Offers Options for Full Calendar View
  • All choices are organized by techniques for shortcode
  • Full Calendar offers versatile satisfying tooltips
  • Custom div id can be set for every plan
  • No confinement to the measure of plans you would interface have the option to up
  • Likewise, the sky is the limit starting there


  • Stunning contraption
  • Incredible
  • Rich

3. SD Google Calendar Combiner

SD Google Calendar Combiner empowers you to enter a rundown of all open Google Calendars, the measure of look-ahead days, and the timezone for demonstrating the dates and times of the arrangement. Also, you can join distinctive open Google plans into one feed to use on the REST API. We should begin getting a charge consequently!

Provides Features:

  • Union plans to use on various API calls
  • Award the client to enter a synopsis of all open Google Calendars
  • Show the dates and times


  • Work consummately
  • Decision
  • Best

4. Gecko Google Calendar

Gecko Design is one of the wonderful structures open. This module interfaces your site to Google Calendar and allows events to be appeared on changed pages using shortcodes. You can give it a shot your site once time, you will invite it.

Provides Features:

  • Show occasions on different pages utilizing shortcodes
  • Grandstands a barebones plan
  • Hotshot the going with X top tier occasions in a game plan see


  • Great
  • Astonishing instrument
  • Lovely help

5. Private Google Calendars

Private Google Calendar is an extraordinary apparatus for you to pick. This module can show diverse private (and open) Google plans with a shortcode, Gutenberg square, or as a contraption.

Provides Features:

  • Access to private calendar
  • Adaptable taking care of
  • Absolutely patch up inside the Gutenberg square
  • Schedule sifting.


  • Incredible help
  • Breathtaking
  • Best in class

6. Simple Calendar

Simple Calendar is the most basic way to deal with oversee add Google Calendar events to your WordPress site. It is splendidly planned. This module draws in you to show occasions from any open Google CalendarFurthermore, it makes you change according to your necessities.

Provides Features:

  • Show occasions from any open Google Calendar.
  • Continue overseeing occasions in Google Calendar
  • Absolutely responsive and flexible warm month to month cross area and outline sees.
  • Change occasion content show off utilizing key names
  • Show game plan changes for altering.
  • Prompted settings to change time districts, date/time, and so forth
  • Moreover, that is just the beginning


  • Astounding contraption
  • Stunning structure
  • Stunning

7. Link Google Calendar

Link Google Calendar permits the official to set Google Calendar inserted partner in administrator back-end and utilize a shortcode to put on a page, post or sidebar. Also, you can change the size of the calendar on the setting page.

Provides Features:

  • License head to set Google Calendar introduced interface
  • Use a shortcode to put on a page
  • Change the size of the calendar
  • Width and height settings you can adjust


  • Function admirably in general
  • Amazing
  • Unfathomable

8. Add to Google Calendar for Contact Form 7

Add to Google Calendar for Contact Form 7 is very worthy assistance for you. This engages you to incorporate the date your calendar ensuing to sending a structure. From a general perspective, you permit the client to synchronize the structure with their Google Calendar. With this module, you can pick the title, depiction, and something different for the event.

Provides Features:

  • Booking/Reservation reason;
  • Flawless with Google Calendar;
  • Fundamental game plan is required
  • A fundamental catch is incorporated when a structure is submitted.
  • You can pick the Title, Description, and anything is possible from that point
  • You can re-try your catch


  • Supportive
  • Unequivocal
  • Extraordinary device

9. Simple Google iCalendar Widget

Simple Google Calendar Widget to show events from an open google plan, or another iCal record, in the style of your site. Google offers some HTML bits to introduce your open Google Calendar into your site. Particularly, this module awards you to apply a wide extent of CSS.

Provides Features:

  • Show strategies/occasions of an open Google plan
  • Show most fundamental rehashing occasions
  • Award you to apply a wide extent of CSS
  • Little impression, utilizes basically Google ID to get data
  • Reject occasions on EXDATE from repeat
  • Gets plan occasions through iCal url
  • Without a doubt


  • The best decision
  • Different highlights
  • Insightful


Here is all of our collection today. WordPress Google Calendar Plugin is absolutely an essential factor of your site that allows you to display upcoming events, conferences, or meetings easily. Besides, Let’s get access to free WordPress themes to get more designs for your site.

If you have any questions, please leave a comment below, we will reply as soon as possible!

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