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I/ Introduction

This is an article that intro about how to install Quickstart package for themes that you downloaded from Enginetemplates (Free WordPress theme). Please notice that this instruction only use for PRO versions of product, FREE product version doesn’t support Quickstart package.

II/ Download Package

You can login to Customer Area and download file ‘[theme-name].zip’. After downloaded, you unzip it and you will get four zip files. You unzip ‘[theme-name]’ and install it.

III/ Upload file on server

Option 1 – Upload with cPanel

Step 1: Upload theme quickstart files

If your hosting support cPanel (such as, you can go to cPanel > File Manager, go to your website folder and upload theme Quickstart files.

Step 2: Create new database

Create new database for your website via Database Manager in Hosting controls. If you don’t know how to create database, just read hosting user guides or contact hosting support staff.

After uploading all the files, let’s move to section IV to continue installing Quickstart package

* If your hosting don’t support cPanel or File Management to unzip it, just unzip it on your local PC and upload it via FTP Client such as FileZilla or Cyberduck.

Option 2 – Upload with filezilla

Once you connect, simply browse your local drive to upload from the Local Site window on the left. Drag the files to an appropriate folder in the Remote Site on the right, e.g. /var/www/html/wordpress

After uploading all the files, let’s move to section IV to continue installing Quickstart package

Option 3 – Upload with localhost

Installing quickstart package on local host is straightforward but can be tricky the first time you attempt it. So for this step we’ve provided instructions on how to do it right from scratch.

Now, in order to run quickstart package, you need not only a web server, but also 2 more things: PHP script interpreter and MySQL database system. It sounds complicated but thankfully, there is a single package called XAMPP with all the elements included.

Let’s install XAMPP on your computer.

Step 1 – Installing XAMPP

  1. Download the XAMPP and Install XAMPP Locally on PC
  2. Run the installation file as you do with regular software and follow the step by step instructions.
  3. Open “XAMPP Control Panel Application” and start “Apache” and “MySQL”.

That’s it, your localhost is now installed. You can check if it works or not by typing the address: “http://localhost” in your web browser. You should see a page as illustrated below.

Step 2 – Create a database in phpMyAdmin

From the XAMPP interface, click phpMyAdmin to start creating database.

Next, click Database in the toolbar as illustrated in the following

And enter the database name and then click “Create”

Now you are ready to install quickstart package.

Step 3 – Create a new folder in older “htdocs” in XAMPP folder

– Create a new folder entitled “test-quickstart” in folder “Test” in folder “htdocs” in XAMPP folder. Normally it will be located at “C:/xampp/htdocs”.

– Unpack the downloaded package file into the folder “test-quickstart”.

– Go to the URL “http://localhost/Test/test-quickstart”.

IV/ Run the Duplicator Installation Wizard

NOTE: Having a localhost environment is an essential part of WordPress workflow – You couldn’t run WordPress Locally on PC/Windows without it. Setting up XAMPP on your Windows machine is by far no easy feat, let us help you! But once it’s installed, it’s a breeze to run and will save you a bunch of time if you need to run WordPress or Joomla locally.

Open your web browser and go to the folder that you uploaded your QuickStart Package and enter the installer.php.

Step 1 – Extract Archive

If everything is done right you will get status “Pass”. Please, click button “Next”

Step 2 – Install Database

+ Action:
‘Create New’ will attempt to create a new database if it does not exist. This option will not work on many hosting providers. If the database does not exist then you will need to login to your control panel and create the database. If ‘Connect and Remove All Data’ is checked this will DELETE all tables in the database you are connecting to as the Duplicator requires a blank database. Please make sure you have backups of all your data before using an portion of the installer, as this option WILL remove all data. Please contact your server administrator for more details.
+ Host:
The name of the host server that the database resides on. Many times this will be localhost, however each hosting provider will have it’s own naming convention please check with your server administrator.
-Database: The name of the database to which this installation will connect and install the new tables onto.
-User: root

If everything is done right you will get status “Run installer with these settings?” and click button “Yes” for server connection and database found. If not, please check again paragraph 2 of this tutorial.

Step 3 – Data Replacement

This step check Site Info and URL. At this step Option, you can define new username and password for administrator account.

I recommend you should enter new password, if not you can use default password that I created in the last time when I genera this quickstart package.
The default administrator account with the username : admin and the password you want to use when login the admin Joomla Dashboard. ( Exp: password is abc123)

Step 4 – Test Site

Finish and remove important data

– You can click to ‘Site Login’ to see how your website look like.


Congratulations, your quickstart package is now installed. Last time, you can test your site, clear security files or see error report if any.

V/ Video Instruction

This is video instruction with details steps

If you have any questions with this instruction, just contact us for more help.

Thank you!

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