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This is general document for all Free templates from us! We recommend you read Tablet of contents (TOS) before to know where you can see your content quickly.

Table of contents

I/ How to Download Free package?

As an example for this blog instruction, I use ET Fast Food Free Responsive Restaurant Joomla Templates, when you go with Free version, you login to Customer Area (login required) and download ET Fast Food Free Responsive Restaurant Joomla Templates package.

After download it, you unzip package and you will see two packages includes Document file and ‘[template_name]‘ file.

II/ How to Install Free Template package?

Before installing Free Template Package, you must make sure that you have installed joomla. Download the latest release of Joomla 3 at For more information on how to install Joomla, you can refer to How To Install Joomla.

Template package use for new website that you want to build content from zero without sample data, or using for your website with existing data. For unzip it, just install it via Extension Manager (Admin > Extensions > Extension Manager, browser file and click to upload).

After finish, you can go to “Extensions” / “Templates” / “Styles” / “[template_name]-default”, switch default Joomla! template to new template.

For start to build your website, you can use standard Joomla! elements such as Articles, Module, etc.

P/S: If you want to build theme like sample data you need use Pro package. With Pro Package, you will have full sample data and other extensions such as Page Builder, Slider, Portfolios, etc. You can see purchase links at  Professional Joomla Template.

III/ How to Edit template content?

III.1/ How to Display Main Menu

Open a new browser window and type in the URL, which will be similar to or, if you have Joomla! installed on your local computer, http://localhost/your-folder-name-here/administrator. Here you will have to log in as an Administrator or Super Administrator.

Go to  “Extensions” / “Templates” / “Styles” / “[template_name]-default”. This is where you edit template styles.

Please click button “Template Options“.


Please click tab Navigation and choose Main Menu.

Click the Save or the Save & Close toolbar button to save the Main Menu. To leave without saving click the Cancel toolbar button.

III.2How to display the off canvas sidebar?

Publish a module on the “offcanvas” module position. It is a built-in Joomla module position in the off canvas sidebar.

Go to Extensions -> Modules -> New and choose the module type you want to display in the off-canvas sidebar. Type “offcanvas” as the module position name:

Click the Save or the Save & Close toolbar button to save the Module Off Canvas Menu. To leave without saving click the Cancel toolbar button.

III.3 / Add Menu Items to Your Menu

To Create a New Menu Item:

  • Select Menus  [name of the menu]  Add New Menu Item from the drop-down menu on the back-end of your Joomla! installation. For example, if a Menu is called “About Joomla”, select Menus  About Joomla  Add New Menu Item.

To Edit a Menu Item:

  • Select Menus  [name of the menu] from the drop-down menu on the back-end of your Joomla! installation. For example, if a Menu is called “Main Menu”, select Menus  Main Menu. Then either click the title of the menu item in the table list or select the menu item checkbox and click the “Edit” icon in the toolbar.

III.4/ How to Add a New Menu

III.4.1 / Create a New Menu

There are 2 ways to add a Menu: Within the site administration panel, select Menus from the menu bar in the upper left corner. From the drop-down list, choose the “Manage” then choose “Add New Menu”. You can also select Menu Manager from the left column and then select “New” from the top left corner icons.

Fill in the “Title”, “Menu Type” and a “Description”:

  • Title *: A proper title for the menu. This is used to identify the menu in the Menu Manager in the backend.
  • Menu type *: This should be a unique identification name used by Joomla! to identify this menu. Spaces are not allowed but you may use the ‘-‘ character such as news-menu.
  • Description: A description of the menu, useful for your own reference.

Click the Save or the Save & Close toolbar button to create the new menu. The Save & Close button will return you to the Menu Manager. To leave without saving click the Cancel toolbar button.

If you saved and closed, you will see your new menu in the list of Menus.

IV/ Template Settings

From the main menu select “Extensions” / “Templates” / “etexample-Default“. This is where you edit template styles. When a template is first installed, a default style is created for it. The default style for the template will have the same name as the template with a – Default suffix.

There are 9 options for Style: Basic,Presets, Layout, Menu, Typography, Custom Code, Advanced, Blog, Assignment.


– Logo: The Logo setting provides the ability to easily change the Logo Type, Module Position, Image, Retina Logo and Mobile Logo.

– Header: The Header setting provides the ability to easily change the Sticky Header and Favicon of header area.

– Body: This feature provides the ability to easily enable boxed layout and enable Preloader.

– Footer: The Footer setting provides the ability to easily change Copyright.

– Social Icons: The Social Icons setting provides the ability to easily change Icons and Module Position.

– Contact Information: The Contact Information setting provides the ability to easily change Information and Module Position.

– Coming Soon: The Coming Soon setting provides the ability to easily change Coming Soon Title and Content.


Presets: The Presets setting provides the ability to easily change Styles and Options.

We defined 8 color presets for template, you can select existing color you want and Enable this option to use custom styles. Built-in presets will not work if this option is enabled.

Layout: The Layout setting provides the ability to easily change layout template by using: Add Columns, Add Row and Settings.

Menu: The Menu setting provides the ability to easily change Menu, Menu Type, Dropdown Width and Dropdown Animation.

Typography: The Typography setting provides the ability to easily change Font Family, Font Weight & Style, Font Subset, Font Size and update Google Fonts List.

Blog: The Blog setting provides the ability to easily change Icon Post Format, Comment Setting and Social Share.


If you’re using Free version, copyright on footer will be showed. You can’t remove it, it’s copyright information for template that you must to keep in order to use template as Free license with us.

If you want to remove this copyright or replace with new content, please go with PRO version. Visit all Joomla! templates, find your template name and purchase PRO version.

After purchase PRO version, you backup your Template Settings by use export function (see screenshot below) via Template Settings > Advanced, then uninstall your current Free template.

Next, please go to Customer Area, download PRO package and unzip it, find Template Install package, reinstall it via Extension > Manage > Install,  then active your new PRO theme and import Template Settings to remove copyright on footer and access all pro features.

VI/ How to get theme, all features and sample data like demo?

Download and Install Quickstart package, you will get theme, all features and sample data like demo. This package is available in PRO version of template (Pro Standard/Pro Unlimited). You can go to Joomla! templates listing, find your template that you’re using, scroll to end of page so you can see PRO template license prices.

* For each template, when you already purchase PRO version, just download PRO package and unzip it, open documentation file and you will have details document for your template (Document for PRO version).

Visit our all Joomla! templates and get PRO version for your template!

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VII/ Party Build-in Document

V.1/ CSS Libraries

Font Awesome

Bootstrap CSS

V.2/ CMS Using

Joomla! CMS

VIII/ Support system

We have Dedicated Support system. If you’re using Free version, it’s limited for 3 tickets support.

Visit Ticket Support System and open ticket if you have problem.

Get PRO version of template and you will have 1 year for support service with unlimited ticket requests.

If you have any pre-questions before go to PRO version, please feel free to chat via Live Chat or direct Contact Us!

IX/ Extra Services

  1. Install Service: If you’re using PRO version, and want to get theme style, all features and sample data like demo, we provide Install Service that you can order it! BTW, PRO UNLIMTED version come with Free Install Service, so you should buy this package version to get Install Service for FREE and save money!
  2. Custom Development: for any custom development service, you can request via Contact Form, then our developer estimate time and cost for your project.
  3. Update Joomla! 2.5.x to 3.x: you also can request here, cost for this task depend on your website, start from $100. You can Contact Us and send your website URL, admin login, so we can review it before send details cost and time.
  4. Fresh new template request: You can request full new template for your website. Cost for private template and use for website start from $1000, and you can use template only for your website, we do not sell it on our website or any marketplaces.

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