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With Joomla Security Extension, you can prevent attacks that can harm or damage your website!

These extensions can save you a lot of money on expensive repair costs. For assistance with Joomla Security Extension, you may call up a professional website development company for help not only to protect the site but also to improve its security. Let’s discover the collection and choose the best one for your site!

1. Akeeba Backup [ Free Download]

Akeeba Backup

Akeeba Backup is a free and responsive augmentation. Its strategic making a site reinforcement that can be reestablished on any Joomla!- competent worker, making it perfect for reinforcements as well as for site moves or in any event, conveying destinations to your customers’ workers. In addition, it makes a full reinforcement of your site in a solitary file.

Provided Feature:

  • The quickest and most dependable local PHP reinforcement motor
  • A single tick reinforcement
  • Site move wizard. Move your site between workers quick and without any problem
  • Reestablish with Akeeba Kickstar
  • Reject explicit documents, organizers
  • Reject explicit database tables or their substance


  • Quick
  • Dependable
  • Extraordinary help

2. Admin Tools [Free Download]

This Joomla security extension helps in controlling the site and helps in improving its security. Administrator Tools is somewhat special when contrasted with the other security augmentations since it routinely gives the clients the most recent updates that can help keep up the site.

Provided Feature:

  • Fix your records’ and indexes’ authorizations
  • Tell you about the new Joomla! discharges
  • Ensure your executive registry with a secret key
  • Change your database prefix
  • Forestall assaults and endeavors like SQL Injection
  • Square chosen nations
  • Deny establishment of expansions


  • Free
  • Extraordinary expansion
  • Decent

3. jHackGuard [ Free Download]

This Joomla extension is intended to shield Joomla fueled sites from being hacked. The jHackguard handles security arrangements so that sifting the information of the client is done without any problem. It does this through the joining of PHP security settings in the framework. While doing this, it additionally permits directors to continue with their typical administrator assignments with no aggravation.

Provided Feature:

  • Open-source segment
  • Free reinforcement
  • Run by Ajax
  • Can reestablish documents with no worker break
  • Good with forms 2.5 or 3


  • Free
  • Viable
  • Pleasant

4. Eyesite [ Free Download]

Eyesite literally watches out for your site to check if any records were included, erased, or changed. Since this errand is almost difficult to execute all alone, this expansion turns into an absolute necessity have for all site proprietors. In addition, it cautions or advises you regarding potential programmers that are encroaching upon your site.

Provided Feature:

  • Sweeps your catalog structures
  • Putting away the subtleties of each record in a database table
  • Recognize any documents in the catalog tree
  • In the event that any progressions are distinguished, Eyesite sends you an email
  • You can filter your site physically from the administrator interface


  • Incredible Joomla augmentation
  • Helpful
  • Pleasant

5. Antivirus Website Protection [ Free Download]

Antivirus Website Protection by SiteGuarding is to forestall/distinguish and evacuate malignant infections and dubious codes. It encourages you to find indirect accesses, Trojans ponies, worms, adware, spyware, and so forth. It will be particularly valuable for each and every individual who downloads formats and augmentations from downpours and sites with free stuff rather than buy the first duplicates from the designers

Provided Feature:

  • Profound output of each document on your site
  • Every day update of the infection database
  • Heuristic Logic highlight
  • Alarms and Notifications in the administrator region and by email
  • Every day cron highlight
  • Scanners can recognize a wide rundown of malware types
  • View Security reports on the web


  • Simple to utilize
  • Helpful
  • Incredible augmentation

6. Securitycheck [ Free Download]

Security Check web firewall helps in ensuring against in excess of 90 assault types, including SQLi, LFI, XSS, Session assurance. It is a medium insurance suite.

Provided Feature:

  • IPv6 upheld
  • Boycott
  • Whitelist
  • Occasions recording, which can be seen by administrators from backend
  • Redirection to a default page if an assault is distinguished
  • Second level security to discover suspect words
  • Meeting insurance


  • Basic
  • Present day
  • Decent

7. BadBot Protection [ Free Download]

Ensure your Joomla site with our stunning bot&SPAM blocker. Try not to let programmers get your site down, forestall spam and substance scratching, hinder all hacking endeavors and lift your site execution. It is sheltered to says that BadBot Protection is your everything in-one site watchman.

Provided Feature:

  • Forestall burglary and misrepresentation
  • Forestall digital assaults
  • Enhance site for best
  • Diminish spam


  • Magnificent
  • Pleasant
  • Simple to introduce

8. Admin Tools Professional [ Paid Download]

Your administrator zone is the entryway to getting to your site, either by you or by programmers. Remembering that, designers at Akeeba thought of this expansion called Admin Tools Professional that’ll help you hugely fix the security around your administrator zone.

Provided Feature:

  • Security fixing
  • Limit executive with a mystery URL boundary
  • Web Application Firewall to square normal endeavors
  • Terrible word separating
  • IP Whitelisting for the executive segment
  • IP Blacklisting
  • Geographic square


  • Incredible help
  • Great
  • Viable

9. jomDefender [ Paid Download]

In spite of the fact that there are numerous Joomla security expansions accessible, JomDefender is certainly truly outstanding. It shields the site from programmers and has a worked in channel called corePHP which can address a portion of Joomla’s unique shortcomings.

Provided Feature:

  • Evacuate Joomla! PHP header
  • Include another Admin secret phrase brief
  • Permit/Deny IP delivers to the back-end/front-finish of your site
  • Debilitate module usefulness
  • Storing instrument
  • Page execution time show
  • Record honesty checks
  • Login/Logout CSRF counteraction


  • Extraordinary module
  • Simple to utilize
  • Decent


Here is all of our collection of the best Joomla Security Extension today. We hope that these extensions will be useful for your site. Besides, Let’s get access to free Joomla templates to get more designs for your site.

If you have any questions, please leave a comment below, we will reply as soon as possible!

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